• Why don't you see if you can find someone who has written a script, then you can direct it. If you want to do the whole process, write about something that is meaningful or important to you, or something that intrests you. Don't right about something you know nothing about, or it will be a load of bo****ks
  • The world's biggest food snob. It could be a comedy.
  • Be creative! Thats the whole point of making films is being creative!
  • What is important is the angle you take in choosing a topic.People are good topics,such as someone in your community that stands out from the rest.Anything usual like a haunted house,or a collectors car club.Maybe an interesting offbeat profession. Showcase a local artist and their work.
  • I dont know about a plot, as such, but just remember that in any film thats worth watching, there MUST be a super objective (the aim of the film/ what the characters want to do or acheive) and mini objectives for each scene. The film also MUST have things which are stopping the character from getting that goal, otherwise, it's just not interesting. People like to see people struggle for what they want. If there's nothing to oppse the objectives, there's no drama at all.
  • Incompetence in the town hall!

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