• You can sign up (and pay) to music downloading websites. Once you are paid and logged in, you download the music files just like any other file. Support the return of the avatar:
  • the only way i noe that could work is to go to myspace n if ur luck y u will maybe be able be able to download it??
  • You could always go the torrent way and download the CD images. "" has a good supply of sites you can download torrents from.
  • BITTORENT is the BEST way to download ANY MUSIC period
  • Limewire is very illegal and easy to get caught. My suggestion is to use a torrent. Torrents are a form of piracy but they are untrackable. -Download a program called UTorrent or Bitlord, & -Once that is complete go to torrent sites like or (Demonoid requites an invite. Thepiratebay is your best bet). - Search the media that you want and click "download this torrent" - The file will pop into your bitlord, utorrent, or other program and begin downloading. **ALWAYS find the most seeders for that torrent and READ comments** Why this isn't trackable: - Torrents or bittorrents are tiny pieces of a file. You get small fractions of that file from the people who have it on their computer. You are considered a leecher until you have downloaded the whole file. Once you have finished downloading the file will automatically start seeding which means you are helping someone else get the same file. But unlike LimeWire & Kazaa their isn't a straight feed so it's undetectable and the tracker stops at thepiratebay website NEVER tracing it your IP Address. Therefore you can NEVER get caught. You can get everything from: Movies, Games, Music, TV Shows, Books, Software & Applications...even PORN! *Porn searching requires an account which is free to sign up and your downloads are UNLIMITED! All of this is free to the public. *Note: If you come across a .RAR file and your computer won't open it. Download WinRAR, it is a program that unzips those compressed files. A .rar file is just a large folder compressed to a smaller folder for easier downloading or to use less space on a hard drive. ALSO: More Seeders - Faster download More Leechers - Slower download. ***** I hope this helps. Most movies need Divx to play. Divx is better than Windows Media Player, so just go ahead and download it. And remember IF YOU READ THE COMMENTS YOU WON'T GET VIRUS'!
  • add me on my msn (personal message me to get it) and i will send them through there. Metalhead for 5 years
  • A good, free, and direct way is they have the full "Under the signs of hell" album, and lot more. There's now software, its basically a file directory (the best imo) which finds all the mp3s on the net, the songs are quality.
  • 12-20-2016 You don't really say what you are talking about. "Downloading music" might mean anything. I download hundreds of hours of music from youtube, sometimes the video, sometimes only the sound, and it is so trivial I don't even remember how I set it up to do that. I get music from dozens of sites, bagpipes, Chinese zither, Bavarian yodeling, Hawaiian guitar, and it is such a non-event that I can't imagine why you would have to ask how to do it. Let's start with what browser you are using. If it's not Firefox, go immediately to and get Firefox. Click the icon for the tools menu in the upper right corner and select "Addons". Study the menu carefully. One of them is "Smart Video For Youtube". Another is "Youtube mp3". Look around and learn a few things about computers.

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