• Well, if I agreed with that statement I'd have to say my own two children turned out bad. But they didn't - they are wonderful human beings - honorable, loving and lots of fun.
  • No, I am one of them, and without bragging I have a good education, I have high family values. I try my best to be a good wife and mother, and I believe I succeeded in being a good&positive example to the ones that surrounds me.
  • I think nothing of that sort at all.On the contrary MOST of them turn out to be responsible adults as they have been given a greater responsibility as kids. Yes they do miss out on the security which a LOVING family of two parents can give BUT do remember even children who have both parents sometimes do not get that. Generally, I believe that children turn out to be what the parents mold them to be. No reason why one parent will not be able to make them wonderful adults.
  • No it is not true. Children of BAD parents have more chance of turning out badly. Many single parents are excellent loving role models to their children.
  • I think children that are in a non loving home turn out bad. Children whom live with both parents that don't love one another turn out bad, for the most.
  • No, although they have a statistically higher chance of drug abuse, incarceration, etc. We were designed to be rased by two parents, and sometimes one person simply isn't enough. My hat's off to single parents who struggle to do the best job they can.
  • I think how the kids turn out depends on the quality of the parenting whether it's from one parent or two. Plenty of single parents raise great kids.
  • I was basically raised by my mom. I visited my dad occasionally but all that did was make me never want to see him. I have been told that im a pretty good person. It all depends on how your being raised and what you yourself do. If the kid decides to be bad then they are going to be bad. But its important the kid knows they are loved, and that the parent spends time on them. Single parents usually have to work tons and dont spend enough time with the kid which usually causes problems.
  • Study after study has shown that children of single parents don't fare as well as those who are raised by both parents ( The children of single parents ARE more likely to become criminals ( However, this does not mean that all such children will "turn out bad". Indeed, it does not even mean that most will do so. The fact of the matter is that while the children of single parents are more likely to go bad, we are still only talking about a very small portion of the total population. The vast majority of children who are raised by single parents turn out to be basically good members of society. However, if you want to give your children the best possible chance at a prosperous and honorable life, then you will raise them in a home with two parents that love each other and the children. Despite what some would have you believe, this is still the best setting in which to do this.
  • I beg to differ. I was raised without my father & I came out just fine
  • If you're not careful, they might grow up to become president of the United States.
  • Not at all. Perhaps in a few cases bad kids may have single parents, but most single parents I know have raised very disciplined kids. Specially the single moms, they do a great job, in my observation. Not quite sure of the statistics :)
  • I turned out just fine. The credit goes to having a good single parent (my Mom) and my dad was still very involved with my life.

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