• Something about their masculinity being threatened by a women who is strong, I don't get it either.
  • most men? i've met more men who have liked a powerful woman *me*
  • Dominant guys want a submissive woman, submissive men want a dominant woman, and then there is the main group of the rest of us who fall somewhere in the middle and are looking for the same.
  • because men cant handle a women that has her own opinion unless its about cooking or cleaning. hold on they might have a better way of doing shit!
  • I like a good dominant woman.
  • Ohhh so thats what I am doing wrong..guess I should play submissive til I got them hooked huh? :)
  • Submissiveness is a feminine aspect and is part of what attracts a man to a woman. When a woman is overpowering amd aggressive, the guy sees that as a masculine trace and, of course a heterosexual man is attracted to feminility rather than masculinity so he would be put off by such a woman.
  • I don't have a problem with empowered women, but just like with anyone else, some people get big headed and develop a cocky attitude. Plus the whole male masculinity being threatened, feeling less powerful etc.
  • Usually men don't mind you being strong,...taking care of yourself and everything else that needs being done, but usually a man doesn't like to be corrected or challanged on his opinion by a woman, even if she is right. A good woman knows how to be both to meet her mans desires and yet not give up her own self worth...I have to admit it isn't easy....
  • Since your question says "most guys", I'm going out on a limb here and say you have been choosing the ones that are. In my experience, they would be in the minority.
  • I think , women should be intellectually one step higher then men (and mostly they are :D). Why do they like more submissive women , maybe cause they are weak among friends or in society. I mean they are not "strong" (they need confirmation) so they need some other weak person so he could get confirmation that he is special and not normal.
  • No, empowered tend to misunderstand being unreasonable as being empowered. There's a difference between being outspoken and being combative, which militant "empowered" women tend to be. They are like anyone else with an inferiority complex, they tend to get over the top in their pursuit of compensating for their innate sense of inferiority. Like jocks....and thugs. There are divergent traditional roles for men and women that were constructed in order to facilitate survival and reproduction, every organism's prime directive. Assertive males hunted and navigated out of danger more effectively, and therefore survived. Submissive women that did what they were told while being directed how to navigate out of danger survived as well, (good traits). The ones that argued and bitched about being told what to do for the sake of being outspoken, as you put it, usually got eaten. (Bad traits). Why you ask? Because the arrangement of having the male be more aggressive and assertive to catch food and protect the home while having the woman being at home watching the offspring works the best. We don't really want outspoken or empowered, these traits only lead to uneccesary resistance to our wants and desires. It's a lot easier, and MUCH more pleasurable, to have a woman that's not trying to constantly complicate things by perpetually battling you for dominance. Leave the dominance to us. We are equal, just different.
  • I think the ones that do want to be in control.
  • First off, a woman's place is in the kitchen. Men like submissive women because they need shit done in their house's.
  • None of the guys I ever dated were... They had no choice in the matter if they actually wanted to be with me. I always walked up and took what I wanted... The ones that wouldn't respond, I didn't bother with as anything other than a friend. A woman needs a challenge too... But being submissive, I think invites the wrong kinds of men rather than the right ones. For me anyway? How are you feeling today sweetheart?
  • I don't get it either. I mean you'd think so, wouldn't you? To me, somebody who's never going to challenge you is just boring :)

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