• you download songs on to itunes first then put songs on ipod
  • click and drag from the limewire library to your itunes library
  • i think you put the downloaded limewire song on the computer,( real,musicmacth, etc.) and then download it to your ipod video. hey
  • Download the songs, them move them into iTunes. Then from iTunes, put them on your iPod.
  • Download the songs then go to s shared file and put them on your iTunes.
  • Yo first have to download I tunes. Then download the songs you want for your ipod from limewire. Then plug in ur ipod into ur computer. It will come up on itunes. You then click and drag the songs u downloaded and place them on top of the little thing that shows ur ipod and it will says synching make sure you wait until it's done synching to add another song! And then Voila you have songs on ur ipod!
  • 1. Ditch limewire 2. download, install and run emule 3. store downloads on desired directory 4. transfer to iPod.

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