• Do you know how to determine what the central atom is and how many hybrid orbitals it has? C is the central atom and it forms four (sp3) hybrid orbitals that separate as much as possible in space. What shape does that make? It is the same as if you had CH4.
  • It helps to draw the Lewis Structure and go from there. From there you will see the steric number and you can VSEPR it out, as my chem teacher would say.
  • It will be the same as it is for CH4 except that one on the H atoms will be replaced by a Br.
  • The name of the gometric arrangment formed is TETRAHEDRAL (google image "tetrahedral" and you should easily find what it looks like). The name of the shape is called a TETRAHEDRON. A tetrahedral structure would have the C atom in the centre, and the 4 other atoms all bonded to the C atom only. In the example of CH4, every C-H bond is at 109.5 degrees to the other three CH bonds (NB there are 4 C-H bonds only in the structure). However, CH3BR would have 3 C-H bonds and 1 C-Br bond. The structure would be based on the standard tetrahedral structure (and would be VERY similar). However, we would observe a slight distortion in the tetrahedron since Br is quite elecronegative and therefore pulls electrons in the bonds towards it slightly.
  • Agreeing with asha_shah, the VSEPR theory is helpful in determining the molecular. The shape is tetrahedral

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