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  • you mean enjoy seeing the woman wearing them or the man wearing them? cuz i LOVE it when a woman wears long stocking a garterbelt and on and on use your imagination
  • Long socks are the only socks that I ever wear, except when I am wearing shorts. If it warm enough around here to wear shorts, then it's too hot for socks.
  • Yes, I like them too but mostly ribbed, in plain colors, i.e. black, gray or white. I don't think it is weird. If the shops sell them then we can buy and wear them. But I do think men who wear sheer socks a bit weird. They are more like stockings!
  • I only wear over the calf socks. Sometimes even sheer and I love them! I like the look and the feel and after wearing them a while I need to pleasure myself because of them.
  • You are not weird. In fact, all of us are a bit weird so don't worry about that. I have a foot fetish and I don't consider myself very weird (just a bit). I like to sniff and lick feet, mostly women's because it's much more likely that they are prettier and have nicer treatment and care then men's feet. Anyway I am developing a blog where I'll upload some photos about my feet. Feel free to visit, post comments and ask for whatever you'd like to see there and maybe I'll attend to your request. the url is cheers!
  • You're not weird at all. I wear long socks most of the year - thin ones in summer and thicker ones in winter. I like it and so does my girlfriend. I think it also depends where you live. In southern Europe (Italy and Spain) men wearing long socks is common practice, whereas in northern Europe people (especially other men) think it is funny or strange. They're the ones with the problem - not you. I think it looks smarter if wearing a suit and sitting down, you don't see part of my hairy legs. Saying that, I also wear long socks when I'm in jeans or other trousers. (but not with shorts) You go on wearing long socks... Tom PS: I find you get the best selection of long socks in Italian shops and department stores
  • It's not a fetish. I wear them for support while hiking. +5

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