• Christianity along with another heap of hogwash
  • My guess is it originated from what we would refer to today as "wishful thinking". Death scares people, especially the idea that all the knowledge, experiences, memories, and personality that we spend a lifetime building are immediately wiped out upon death. The idea of a perpetual, immortal soul that still retains much of who we are after death is a very attractive idea, and serves to allay the egocentric fears of ordinary, self-aware human beings.
  • the idea or concept of immortality predates christianity by thousands of years. earliest know civilizations with the ability to record their history have recorded stories of man's attempts to achieve immortality. i think it is because all humans are born with a 'god-consciousness' that stirs a desire to worship. all men worship something, whether it be a god of their own creation or choosing, a philosophy of life or their own opinions.
  • The devil contradicted God right at the start of human life with this idea, telling Eve 'You shall not surely die'. Scriptural evidence shows therefore that this concept began with Satan, the father of lies, as he was referred to by Jesus. Jesus said that we should fear him who can destroy souls.(Mathew 10) The soul that sins shall die. (Ezekiel 18) Only Jesus has immortality. (1 Timothy 6) Even the devil comes to a horrible end. (Ezekiel 28) Jesus gives immortality to resurrected christians when he returns to earth in glory. (1 Corinthians 15) Best wishes, Eddie Cairns.
  • Some idiot high on hashish probably made that up while hallucinating

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