• buy from a shop
  • I would rather buy from a shop, although I love to browse an on-line catalogue:)
  • I don't like to shop so I would rather buy online and avoid the crowds and the time sitting in traffic!
  • both equally - although if I am buying on line I will sometimes go to a shop and look at the item to touch and feel it first.
  • from a shop coz i find it more personal..(:
  • I would only buy online if the shipping and handling is free and I can't find the item at a store cose to where I live.
  • I would rather buy in the store but it's easier and cheaper to buy online.
  • I never bought anything from online. I like to just go to the store and have it in my hand right away. I wouldn't order anything from online because a lot of the delivery drivers like to leave packages in front of the door, and by the time I get back home from work I know it will not be there.
  • Buy from a shop only because online they ask for payments by cards and I do not have any!
  • I do buy somethings on line including ebay,but I like to go shopping so I can examine the goods before I pay for them.
  • usually you can get better deals online esp. ebay.
  • From a shop I prefer the personal touch! : )
  • I buy both ways. sometimes what you're looking for is only available on the Internet but, if I can buy it at a store for a reasonable price I'll do it.
  • It depends what I'm buying. Items that I need a first hand impression of the color or quality of, clothing, food, books, etc., I prefer to buy in a shop. Items that I don't need a first hand impression of, CDs, movies, etc., I prefer to get online because I find a better selection and lower cost.
  • ...from a shop because when I am not happy with what I bought I can go back and trash the store...
  • Buying on line, from catalog, mail, etc. has its definete limitations since you can't try on the items, getting them many times only to find out that they don't fit or weren't quite as pictured. Having said that, there are certain things that I can't find at my local shops or that they would have at much higher prices. I take my chances all the times
  • a shop..i hate paying shipping and then i panic until the item arrives and it almost always arrives late
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I can tell you rarely shop online. Most online stores have free shipping and a resolution center for late items, and a rating feature to spread the word on your shopping experience.
  • I have to shop online. There are no stores here! :(
  • From a shop, mainly because then I won't have to wait after paying my item to enjoy it.
  • Buying from a shop is definetely better as you can see the product exactly as it is and try it on. However, online is great for saving money & when there are certain products that you can't find at the local shops
  • I love to go shopping in stores for clothes but since it is just as much trouble to have to get them altered anyway to fit, I have been moving more to shop online and avoid the rude people or gawkers
  • I have never brought anything online or payed bills or banking ,i just pay cash for everything i buy, i have not got a credit card ,so i when i buy i am paying just for the advertised price ,and no other charges .so it is the way i like to do things.+4
  • Online. I don't want to deal with being around too many people in a busy store.
  • From a shop for some things. For example, clothes are something I'd never buy online. You need to be able to see/try some things in real life instead of trying to judge from a picture or a description online.
  • I'd rather buy online, but occasionally I go out and shop. I know what i want and I get it, I don't look around for things.
  • Online. I have no car so getting to stores is hard.
  • Buy online because I hate walking and driving to the store.
  • 2/5/2023, shopping personally at shops is becoming a thing of the past. You have viruses in the air, other shoppers in your way, creeps who are curious about what you are buying (talk about intimate clothing), dangerous with chances of getting robbed in the parking lot or worse, not to mention traffic conjestion, fuel, time, door dings and car theft. Most of the things I buy from shops is furniture, appliances and big screen TV's. And that's so I can make sure it is exactly what I'm buying and with no damage to avoid headaches on big item returns.

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