• What? I've never heard of this. I've seen quite a few real diamonds in my life, and I've never noticed any breathing holes. Can I ask where you heard this?
  • actually yes. if the diamond is in a necklace or some other type of jewelery there will be holes at the bottom of the jewelery so that germs and things dont get caught in the rock because if they do it will look very dirty. If it is fake there will be a backing to it.
  • Based on Alexis' answer's expansion on the idea, then I would have to say no, this is not true. Most decent diamond simulants (fakes) will be mounted just about the same as a real diamond. The only type of simulant that usually has a backing is a rhinestone. The inner surface of the backing (that which is in contact with the stone) is mirrored to make up for the fact that rhinestones normally don't sparkle as much as real diamonds. The good diamond simulants tend to have optical properties that are much more like that of diamond, so they don't need a mirrored backing and, therefore would not have one as that is a dead give away that they are fake.
  • Christilynn, A diamond is solid compressed carbon. A diamond does not, repeat, DOES NOT have holes in the bottom of it. It is not like a sponge, it is solid. When a diamond is set, say, in a necklace, the setting usually has gaps in it to let the light onto the side and back of the diamond to reflect more light and make it sparkle. Believe me, I have a few and they NEVER have holes underneath. Where did you hear this? It is absolute rubbish. :D

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