• Yes something like this happened to me about four months ago. I was dating a girl and she became progressively more obsessed, Dependant, and clingy.
  • Yes, I had a boyfriend who was really jealous. It really bothered him that I went to a coed college while he went to an all male school. He was always accusing me of things. That and other things led to the downfall of our relationship.
  • Ya my ex used to question my every move, I couldn't leave the house without being interogated and it turned to physical abuse eventually before I left her
  • my current bf is kinda obsessed but i totally enjoy it. Makes me feel special on the inside, like im wanted :]
  • Yes, I have... I typically try to steer clear of close relationships with those types unless I'm very sure that they have a good chance of being the one. ^-^
  • Not in an intimate relationship but I do have a couple of friends that are rather obsessive. It tends to make one feel claustrophobic although they are just being kind.
  • Im in a relationship now and he seems alittle obsessive and i think it might end up messing things up. I guess we will see---- :)
  • Yes! I had this one g/f that Wouldn't let me breathe w/o her being there. I like to come home after and relax a bit before entertaining - just have some "me" time and she would be right there waiting for me when I came home! It was horrible! I guess once they get a piece of "this" they go crazy!! LOL
  • No. I'm very comfortable being an obsession.
  • YES. I dated a guy for three months, he came to my job, a few times a day, walked me to and from the train station before and after work, called me during the day, wrote me letters and wanted to see me on the weekends as was too much so i had to tell him i needed space...
  • Just once. She started talking about marriage around the second day. Creepy.
  • Ha, usually the creeps realize they want me after I've had no choice but to leave them
  • Yes, when I was a teen , my bf did not let me do anything unless I was with him and it made me so insecure that he was controlling me like that. I was too innocent to know. I thought it was love. I was so insecure I took it. But it is great the relationship I have with my husband so much freedom, I mean you can be who you want to be. We do things together and things apart. We are not needy. When one person in a relationship relys totally on the other that is co-dependency. (went to classes for that as a adult) Too clingy is insecurity on one part. A relationship needs balance and we should want to give to the relationship not always looking to receive. Be a giver and in return it comes back to you nicely.
  • yes... he would always try to control what i did and who i spoke to.. hated it, when i spoke to other lads... he would comment on my clothing.... it was really hard work and was always scared of him finding out things i knew he would not approve off... they are not worth it!!!! always try and get out of obsessive relationship cause you are always ducking and diving around are just not yourself!!!
  • Yes and those were difficult times!!
  • YEP YEP YEP i really liked him we dated like 4 times but i couldnt take it because the second we were dating again he was obsessive again : [
  • Yes, my ex-boyfriend, saved all my msn conversations and read them without me knowing, went through my phone, hacked into my email accounts. Insisted he would go everywhere with me. I was not allowed to see my friends. He was very stressed when I talked to males. He got angry when I went to buy a pair of shoes. . He would interrogate me about who I was talking to, where I was, when. He constantly accused me of cheating when the only unfaithful one was him. He wanted to know every single little detail in my life. I gave up my life, my friends, my dignity; my happiness for him. I gave up everything, but he could not give up one pint of beer...

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