• I see myself as someone who can see through most smoke and mirrors, yes. : )
  • I'd like to say yes, but I also believe that it's human nature to want to see and believe what we want, and nothing more, aside from the manipulation of delusion and conviction to live with and fashion a sturdy machete with which to slash through any opposition. Does that make us strong, or just dumb lol? Those who can see through this would often take it upon themselves to change things for everyone else. So not really, but I do try to keep an open mind and acknowledge what is around me, good or bad, and attempt, as best I can, to maintain a good connection with my own position in society, as well as my own awareness. Everyone sees some truth within themselves, which I believe is what perpetuates said behaviour to begin with...I can only hope that this way, I can indeed learn, and see things for what they may be.
  • it has always been my goal to be an awakened individual and i try to keep it real. i have wisdoms, but i see them through my lens. i have always been a sensitive, conscientious individual and i watch out for people with ulterior motives & machinations. i spend a lot of time reflecting on the big picture and i do my best not to be myopic. but regardless of what i think about my fairmindness & my ability to see things clearly, i do not believe anyone can truly see life unbiased. anyone who says they are absolutely unbiased is trying to sell you something. but i do think it is a noble aspiration for one to try to be as openminded and compassionate as possible in their opinions. that is the path to enlightenment.
  • My wisdom (what little I may have)is directly proportional to the emptiness of my cup of learning.
  • I definitely don't. I like to think that I see things as they really are, but the fact is that I often allow my feelings and intuition to determine my choices.
  • I do honestly, i dont trust anyone or anything ever, so I question every aspect of things, and make my own conclusions.
  • I wish that I could say yes but two things keep me from it. First, I'm naive and easily fooled because I believe and trust people. I get disappointed a lot but I keep hoping; and second, we all see things through the filter of our own experience which isn't always 100% correct. But, that said, I think I have a pretty good grasp on reality.
  • Doesn't everybody?! ;-)
  • When we come in a human form, we all have our own shortcomings.Maya(Hinduism) or delusions happen to everyone as she is very strong.To see beyond Maya is impossible even for a Realized one!Wisdom or Knowledge happens to those who aspire for it but that still does not qualify for being unattached!We can only be cautious but cannot avoid altogether! To answer your question: I can but I can't!
  • i think it depends on what i'm considering. we're all human so i think we all are slightly swayed by views or attitudes, even if we don't realize it.
  • I wish. I have my bias and prejudice and preference just like anyone else. Trying to be objective is impossible I think. Being wise cannot happen if you are always looking at everything from the point of view of self-interest. I think Yoda is wise. I'm sure there are a handful of people who have existed who were truly wise. Me? Not even close. Happy Sunday! :)
  • Yes I do, it's the basis for my personal belief and moral system.
  • I am continually trying to widen that perpsective of my personality, it would be almost impossible to not show impartially, given that each of us is a unique being, with a unigue perspective on life.........:) which in itself, is a bais of view. :)

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