• 1. Are you going to blame your actions on your childhood? 2. Do you have any regrets about the crimes you've commited? 3. What was going through your mind when commiting each murder? 4. What could have helped you not reach this point? 5. How do you feel about the theory an eye for an eye? I have a bonus question lol (I may be a little evil) 6. How would you feel knowing that everything you did to your victim I am about to do to you?
  • 1. Did you lust for your mother? 2. Did your daddy touch you? 3. Did kids pick on you? 4. Where you abducted by aliens? 5. Are you hungry? for human flesh?
  • What do you feel before, during and after the act? How do you choose your victims? What was your motivation the first time? Do you ever feel guilt? Who would you not see as a victim? Great question.

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