• yes I do and it is a 2004. yes, every other month I have to fix something. in 2005 I had to get a whole new transmission. praying for a Toyota to come into my life...
  • YES a 2003 that I got from owner, a lady in MIchigan, and it only had 3400 miles on it when I got it in March of 2007!!! Must have been my lucky day....when my family saw it for the first time, they thought I was kidding and that it was a new car! SPOTLESS no rust, etc..I'm still delighted with it after all this time...I take it to my local Ford dealer; I know, I know, they charge more BUT SO WHAT...IT'S WORTH it for the peace of mind it gives me.......I'm one lucky sonofagun, I guess..sorry to hear about your hassles with yours!!!!
  • If you have a recent model Ford under warranty with the Selectshift transmission, be sure to take it in if there is a grinding noise and shudder at low speeds, when you start up from a standstill or in stop-and-go traffic. Ford finally seems to have found clutch parts which fix it as of late 2016. You may also find that shifting into "S" (the S is for sport, not second gear) in slow traffic or when entering the highway will make it feel a bit more confident.

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