• Im apathetic about Oprah, i dont like her but i dont hate her. I do think she has good tastes in what books she has in her book club :3
  • People hate Oprah because she's a rich, smart black woman! People like Oprah because she's a rich, smart black woman!
  • I think Oprah is awesome. I think there are those who are jealous and there are those who feel she broadcasts all the great things she's always doing. But that's the media doing it.
  • I'm not really into her shows but I respect her: a woman who went from where she was to what she is now.
  • I could care less about Oprah. Her opinions mean as much to me as any one else's. Good for her being a gazillionaire and doing whatever she wants to do with her money. But also, I do not think that she's the high and mighty that many people make her out to be.

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