• I have had a lot of these printers over the years, the Canon models have been the most reliable for me. Their Pixma series is in that price range.
  • You might want to look at the Kodak range. They're in your price range, supposedly good performers and reliable, but the ink is around 1/2 the price or less per print than anyone else's, bar none.
  • I have used two models of Canon - they are very good. The photos that I have printed with them are liked by all visitors to my house. In text printing, most brands look alike. But when it comes to photo printing, Canon makes all the difference. See for your self photo prints from other brands before making a decision.
  • i find the all-in-ones to be very tempermental. For myself, i stick with a good photoprinter with a separate scanner/copier. I have an 8 year old scanjet that just keeps on going, its on its' 3rd printer.

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