• No, I think it's there to stay. It takes hard work to make one, and plenty of complicated multimedia courses. Too much investment has went, and keeps going, into this format to be a passive trend. And even if it was a fad, it brings a lot of profit towards the entertainment medium, which I believe had been taking a step back for a while. Three dimensional work isn't only attributed to films, but video games even more, so it's getting really big, and of course it being mainstream...there's a lot of crap, but plenty of gems in between. But see, it being mainstream and selling milkings of popular movies and extended material signals it as pretty much engraved in stone now. This exact same "sellout" process is what allowed previous forms of popular entertainment to define and establish themselves. I think it a significant medium into shaping the next steps of the movie industry, and visual entertainment as a whole. The one deplorable thing about this however, is the drastic decline of hand drawn animation. :(
  • Yes. It will die for the same reason it died in the 50's when it first made its appearance. People just don't like the damned glasses.

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