• I know you cant help it, you were in love, it never does get easier. But one day you will find someone who will love and cherish your every being, and you will feel the same. This guy will be your soulmate and you will be happy. But untill then your just goin to have to be happy for your ex and think about how you will find someone new when the time comes.
  • You have answered it yourself. You have no friends and nothing you enjoy doing that makes you feel good about yourself. So you put everything into your relationship and when it ended there was nothing of you left. Is natural for us to be relationship-oriented. But not good if we have nothing at all of our own. Then we put everything into the relationship and try to hold on to it so tightly for fear of losing it and being left with nothing that we strangle it. The same with jealousy. He was a part of you but he didn't appreciate you so now you need to let him go.

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