• Because they can. Same reason some people (myself included) will go nuts at a dinner and eat way more than I should. The food is there, it tastes good, so I do it. The older you get, the more you realize there are always consequences for your choices, whether it is getting fat from eating too much, or being imprisoned by the heavy burden of debt you acquire, you can't escape them.
  • Greed for wanting what they can't really have. Denial that they can't really afford it.
  • It's the American way!
  • makes me sick. I'm thankful my parents raised me with the attitude "If you don't have cash to pay for it, you don't need it" Of course, look at whats happening, it doesn't seem to matter, the government will bail anyone out of anything. What is that going to teach those wasteful people. Great question +5
  • It's almost like an addiction. In a weird way, it's almost like they fear being poor. They feel that as if when they stop buying things, they "feel poor"
  • Take a look at the commericals on tv and you will see that we are being trained to consume from a very early age. We are being enticed to "owe our soul to the company store" via credit. The latest trend that I see in advertising are the "entitlement" commercials. These are the "You deserve it" type ads. The most annoying one is an ad for turning a long-term accident settlement payout into immediate cash. "It's my money and I need it NOW" is the catch phrase. Getting people all wound up in getting their "way" with their money that they lose sight of the fact that 33% of their money will be paid to the company for this "service". If you don't actively resist this message, it's repetition can lure you in. If you don't actively debunk this message to your children they will never know any different.
  • Because they are allowed to.
  • Because they're spoiled and want what they want right now. They also believe that happiness in life consists in the number of "things" you have, or in how much money you have.
  • The phrase, 'living below your means' has been replaced with the Veruca Salt line from Willy Wonka, "I want it now!"
  • I don't make an exception for cars. People often buy far more car than they can comfortably afford.
  • It's the American way and also what they want you to do and by they I mean from the retailers right down to the churches and everybody else in between. If in doubt, examine Christmas and tell me what that's all about
  • I came to the conclusion, at the end of the last century that, credit is evil, so, we now our on nothing, except as you say, our house and our cars. Within a 4 months, it will be only our house. I think what causes people to stray from think path is the imediate gratitification of having what they want now. Remember the war cry, "I want it all, and I want it now!"

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