• 1) "play at, a. to pretend interest in: It's obvious that you're just playing at fishing for my sake. b. to do something without seriousness: He is merely playing at being a student." "play at To participate in; engage in. To do or take part in halfheartedly." Source and further information: 2) "play at 1. To participate in; engage in. 2. To do or take part in half-heartedly." "Think you that I play at jetan for you without first knowing something of the stake for which I play? The Chessmen of Mars by Burroughs, Edgar Rice" "play at something pretend to be, pose as, impersonate, make like U.S., Canad. (informal) profess to be, assume the role of, give the appearance of, masquerade as, pass yourself off as" "play at 1 to pretend to be etc The children were playing at cowboys and Indians. 2 used when asking angrily what someone is doing What does he think he's playing at (=doing)?" Source and further information:
  • pretending

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