• I have always advocated freedom of choice so I often get into arguments with people. The most recent one was with my former boss & I presented the same situation, to which his response was "How do you know they won't ask to be addressed as women and not men? // 'marriage' is a religious institution // EVERYONE would start doing it and there will be no balance in the world!" As you can see they are all irrational rants coming from a mixture of fear, religion, ignorance, narrow mindedness, etc etc
  • it doesn't really affect other peoples lives, i think the reason are against it, is b/c they're just not comfortable with the fact people are gay. if you're against gay marriage, don't get one and shut up. what i think is messed up is that in California, animals got more rights as the gay community got theirs revoked.
  • It wouldnt change my life at all. More power to them.
  • It would show that the US is truly open to equal rights for all, and lives up to its Constitution. I'd say that's a decent goal, wouldn't you? :o)
  • The only way that it would effect me is I know that I would be happier for others being able to express themselves more openly. I think it is selfish to claim that anyone would be effected in a negative way from gay couples getting married. These people should be grateful that they have an easier role in life instead of making other people's lives more difficult.
  • It's the "weird" and "not right" and "they're different" arguments again. Lemme retype this so everyone can understand wtf I'm talking about. You can make the argument that being gay is "weird". Umm.. okay. The whole world is "weird". Define "weird". The best thing others can usually say is, "Y-y'know... weird." No. That's not a definition. You lose. You have no argument. You can make the argument that being gay is "not right". Umm... okay. So, right now, give me a CLEAR line in what IS this so called "right" you talk about, and what isn't in this category of "right" also known as "not right". If you can do that, you might have an argument. I'll debate w/ you about that. For all we know, sadism can be the most right thing that leads us to the holy land after we die. WE DON'T KNOW THIS CRAP. Then, others will reference religion with this topic. Oh my gosh. Allah says it's not right. God says that it's not right (yes, I'm Christian, I'm making a point that religion does not equal government). Okay. Listen. You're basing your WHOLE LIFE off of a book that only God knows wrote. That same book is OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS OLD. That's like basing your life over a piece of parchment. Honestly. We don't know the people who wrote the Koran, or the Bible on a personal level. So why should we follow that stuff? Because someone BELIEVED in it? Yes, others believed about the Flying Spaghetti God too (it's too stupid to make up). You think they're crazy? They think you're crazy! It's a whole circle! Believe what you will, religion shouldn't go into what you REALLY think is right, and religion should stay out of the school and government's problems. You can make the argument that they're "different". Well here we go again. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE!?!?!?! If everything was the same, then life would be pretty damn boring, wouldn't it? People, think. For ANYONE that brings up another argument, I'll gladly debate you about it.
  • The only way it would affect my life would be that I would have to spend a fortune on wedding gifts!!! *LOL* only joking. Here in UK, it is already possible for gay couples to have a civil registration - that is not quite a wedding, but on paper, it is the same thing. That law has been in force for a couple of years now, and I can honestly say it has not made a jot of difference to my life. But, it makes a lot of difference to theirs - and I think the main difference is to be guaranteed certain rights on the death of a life partner, like pension rights. Can you imagine if you had lived your life with someone - shared every happy memory, lived in each other's pockets day in day out for years, and then you are left alone? What happens to the house? the shared possessions? To be in a civil partnership means that, upon loss, the partner left behind does not have to worry.... and rightly so!
  • I would be very happy for them----that's how it would affect me!
  • If gay people were allowed to get married, we'd have to go back to hating shrimp and stoning people who wear polyester/cotton blend garments...:-D... . . . .
  • It wouldn't affect me. It is funny how people not for gay marriage has not yet answered.
  • Simple, I would get married. :)
  • I feel that this does not effect people at all. At least it shouldn't. I feel that you should be happy with who youre with. If youre someone who is into the same sex as yourself, why marry the opposite sex when you know you won't be happy? I feel that we should all just worry about our own lives and who marry and not worry about who our friends, neighbors, or anyone else marrying! If you're straight and happy with your marriage. Then good for you. Let the gays and lesbians be happy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world is not just about straight people. Its about everyone no matter how they live their lives or who they love.
  • It threatens the social health of the nation, a concept that communicates a picture too big for most of the intellectually bankrupt supporters of such a reckless idea to comprehend.
  • It will be a more free and loving society, i'm all for equal rights, yay for gay!
  • I don't care if they get married as long as it ain't in my church. They should be allowed marriage, but to think it will reach a point where at some point someone will want a church wedding? I oppose that. Come on, most religious are against homosexuality. I would never expect a religion to change for me or my beliefs, and wouldn't take it into a court room. Wasting tax payers money. Not everyone is gay, but people voted and despite the masses Prop 8 didn't go into effect. I do think a civil union is fine. I have no issue with that. My life is't going to be affected, by a gay couple's marriage I could care less as long as I don't have to see it. Throwing a gay marriage in church is wrong, because of the Christian idealogy of man & woman. It would give me a sour stomach, and I'm sure people feel that way reading this...but such is life.
  • It doesn' won't. :) Happy Tuesday! :)

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