• I should be OK for quite a while as long as no water gets into it.
  • this is what wikipedia says, I apologise for being so vauge is the last answer (guess I thought i knew more than i did!!). Stability of fuel When gasoline is left for a certain period of time, gums and varnishes may build up and precipitate in the gasoline, causing "stale fuel." This will cause gums to build up in the cylinders and also the fuel lines, making it harder to start the engine. Gums and varnishes should be removed by a professional to extend engine life. Motor gasoline may be stored up to 60 days in an approved container. If it is to be stored for a longer period of time, a fuel stabilizer may be used. This will extend the life of the fuel to about 1-2 years, and keep it fresh for the next uses. Fuel stabilizer is commonly used for small engines such as lawnmower and tractor engines to promote quicker and more reliable starting. Maybe someone else will be able to help you better, apologies again :)
  • Not longer than 6 months unless you add a stabilizer to the gas.

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