• Sure,animals need to be protected as well as humans,when it comes to having rights.
  • Nice question.I'd consider that.I'm too much concerned about the cruel treatment some beast of burden are undergoung now a days.I've seen elephants being exploited at loading and unloading jobs.Sometimes they are so much tortured that they trun violent and as a result they end up killing innocent people. As the most intelligent species on earth, it's our duty to look after the other inferior species.And being a vegetarian I can handle the job better.
  • I love animals so much , so yes, I would indeed!
  • I dont like the cruel treatment of animals. We shoudl defend the rights of animals. However what is right and wrong is decided in a democratic country by the parliament. People should protest to parliament if they think things are wrong and it can be frustrating. However in the UK some of the animal rights activists are terrorists and have become mroe so in recent years. We are a democratic society - if people are against animal testing then they should try to get the law changed. Many of us have benefited from these tests. Im not gonig to say whether testing is right or wrong - its a very difficult debate. However sending letter bombs to the homes of people working in these places or to shareholders whos banks hold their bank accounts is definately wrong. The intimidation some activists perform on people is just puire terrorism and they should be punished to the full extent of the law. When one set of people decide that their beleifs give them the right to intimidate others - it cant be right. They do compain peacefully and very powerfully too. Trying to get the law to be changed. I think the same of anti-abortion extremists. Religious fanatics and every other group that somehow think that thir opinions give them the right to physically attack and intimidate others.
  • I would love to.
  • Don't think I would, because I'd be a hypocrite. I like eating cows and chicken. I do not however condone such things as the Michael Vick dogs. I support the SPCA,Peta etc and some of the things they stand for....but please pass the turkey at Thanksgiving
  • No, because there are a million other more important things in the world than the rights of animals.
  • i don't think so just because i don't think theres anything wrong with eating meat. but i also don't approve of puppy mills or killing animals for only their fur, etc.
  • Too many moronic individuals within the activist movement. Ridiculous hyperbole (comparing KFC with Hitler) and silliness are just a couple of the things that turn me away. The fact that many leading academics in the movement seem to support the actions of the ALF is just another thing that turns me away. Their fear mongering about animal shelters is just another of the many wrong paths they have gone down. The activists I have known always seem to act as if what they are concerned about is the treatment of animals within factory farm or in laboratory situations, but it eventually comes out that they believe animals have rights equivalent to humans. This is nonsense. I'd say I'm more sensitive than the average person concerning animal treatment. I'm very selective of the farms I get my meat from and I in no way condone unnecessary suffering. I advise people on how to eat a mostly vegetarian diet and try to open people's eyes to the consequences of cheap meat. I've fostered stray cats and found homes for others. I volunteer at the humane society, advise people on what pets to get, and which ones not to get. I advocate shelters above breeders and tell first time fish buyers not to purchase tropical fish. I've called out Petco for keeping a chameleon at too low of a temperature and I've rehabilitated a hurt baby bird. At the same time, I recognize that an animal is not a human. I may eat it and I may perform experiments on it if they are to the advantage of humanity. Compassion is one thing, unmitigated craziness is another.
  • Well I despise PETA and their hypocrisy. Check out to find out why. I think ALF is a terrorist organization. HOWEVER, organizations such as the Humane Society and the like are another kettle of fish. I've volunteered and helped a german shepherd rescue league and a mixed breed dog rescue at different times in my life. I find these organizations very worthy, but I consider myself a humane volunteer NOT an animal rights activist. I think that term has shady implications because of those associated with it. Never, EVER, give up a pet to a PETA shelter. Their kill rate is 90%. The pet has a much better chance of living in the pound than at a PETA shelter. You should always try to select non-kill shelters. IF this isn't possible, the pound is a better choice than a PETA shelter.
  • Perhaps. I'm not for treating animals like humans, but we shouldn't be happy with abusing animals either. Nothing makes me more mad than someone enjoying seeing an animal in pain, ie, Michael Vick.
  • If i had the time and had done my research then yes, Animals deserve compassion.
  • I would say no! Animals don't reason therefore they are not our equals and should never be our equals. I do think that they need to be protected from abuse, but not given the same rights as you and I.
  • I am an activist in a peaceful way. I start with myself first by becoming a vegetarian. I'm also a regular supporter of WSPA.
  • Sure would!!
  • I am in a non-violent manner, and have been for years! My mom, and sister are also...I'm quite proud of them.

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