• My 3 year old thanked me for cleaning once. I'm pretty sure she's the only person...
  • when i do the dishes especially! cz its basically my SO's chore
  • No NEVER I wish that I could go to work and have my dishes picked up for me and my laundry done for me and be able to drop my drawers where I am standing and not give a damn! BUT the whole point is I do give a damn.So I guess I will stop bitching now and go exchange the laundry loads and maybe do the dishes?*sigh*
  • I did all of my housework this weekend, and I personally appreciate it very much. I only live with my roommate and pets, and I think everyone prefers living in an orderly, clean, cozy environment :)
  • Appreciate it, I don't know, but if they do, they don't tell me.
  • I think that housework is overhyped and under-appreciated everywhere. It creates a redundant action and very little satisfaction unfortunately.
  • Funny you should ask. Normally I am here alone, but my girlfriend from Ireland came here this past week and stayed with me and complimented me on how well I kept my house clean and in order. She wondered if I did this all the time or just for her benefit. I assured her this is how I am all the time.
  • Nope. but then I rarely do housework..
  • Yes, my boyfriend always thanks me for everything I do.
  • Well, my daughters a neat freak which makes my life SO EASY & I do thank her alot but maybe I should a little bit more
  • Yes! I am thanked! :D
  • Hubby's been trying to be more appreciative of that sort of thing lately...and he's doing pretty well!
  • Yeah, my boyfriend and roommate do sometimes. :)
  • Yes and he is very observant, he comments on all the little things also. :)
  • Yes - my wife always says Thank You when I help out around the house.
  • I depends on the kind of understanding developed among the members in the household. In mine all request one another for getting things done and hardly ever bother to say thanks in so many words. It is understood that the rest are thankful and appreciative. Even when the housework is done somewhat imperfectly others pitch in to help and not criticize. Appreciation should be in small gestures and not in words in a close knit family unit.
  • my partner never used to make any comments about me doing all the housework,but he was laid off work recently and since then he has noticed how much effoer has to go in to making sure the house is clean and tidy. we have 4 kids and i dont think he ever fully understood how much time and effort keeping a home tidy......until he was made to help with all the cleaning and washing. now if he sees that ive done the cleaning he always makes a point of saying thank you.

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