• Naw, he suffers from the same syndrome as our illustrious president, brain damage due to drug abuse
  • His voice has significantly altered, probably from long term misuse of drugs and alcohol, but you probably wouldn't have understood his Brummie accent anyway.
  • you would sound like that too it you did all the drugs he did- really makes you think what we are teaching our children..."party like a rock star!"
  • Years of drug abuse has altered the part of his brain that handles speech.
  • i am commenting on the answer not the question. that is not true. just see all the other celebritys that did drug... i only know one other guy that has trouble talking and walking and the other shit that is wrong with Ozzy and that was Steven Adler the first Guns N' Roses drummer and he DID have stroke. i think Ozzy actually had one. but if that happened it was due to the drugs. in short words strokes and other kind of brain-damages makes you like Ozzy not the drugs theme self's, but if Ozzy never had done drugs he would probably never have had any brain-damage.
  • It seems we all have to give Black Sabbath frontman, Ozzy Osbourne, an apology. For years, his tremors and speech problems have been blamed on years of alcohol and drug abuse. So if it wasn't the constant partying out on the road, then what did cause Ozzy's affliction? Heavy Metal legend Osbourne has been diagnosed with Parkin's Syndrome, and will now have to take medication daily for the rest of his life to help combat the effects. Ozzy, a Little Upset, After Finding Out The Diagnoses At 56, even Ozzy himself thought that he had destroyed his own body, "I'd always assumed it was the booze and stuff. Now I've found it all stems from the family. It's called Parkin but it's not Parkinson's. Anything to do with the central nervous system has the word Parkin in it. A doctor in Los Angeles tried to tell me I had multiple sclerosis. And I believed him until I had a second opinion. When I told my sisters she said, 'Not you as well? Mum had that and Auntie ELSIE and your grandma.' I'm like, 'Thanks for fucking telling me'. Me walking around thinking I've got some drug paralysis."
  • Some of it is the drugs and alcohol unfortunately. However, there are other factors as well. One, he has a thick accent and two, Ozzy is on a ton of prescription medication. When you throw in all those factors, it is easy to see why he has a bit of a speech impediment.
  • No, but will happen eventually
  • He is from England.
  • dont know

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