• At any given moment I'm sure there are tens of thousands of people who are depressed and crying. I care about each and every one of you.
  • Yah I will try to convince you .This charecter of mine was the thing that made me to cry when I saw the young boy's mother crying after his death.What about you???
  • I am sorry to hear that you are feeling very low at this time. I hope that things can improve for you. I am sure that there are many who care how you are feeling, even if they do not answer, sometimes, people do not know what to say to each other. Good luck
  • Yes I do!!! ((((((((please feel better))))))))))
  • I do care, but I will be honest and say that sometimes I don't like that I care on such a broad level as this.
  • I care, i have been through depression myself. It is a very unpleasant experience.
  • yes of course i do... I was depressed for 2 years and it really hurts. no one should ever feel depressed aspecially for long periods of time... i hope you get better, just dont do anything stupid cause theres so many joys in life, so many things to experience. great now you got me all teary eyed lol
  • Since there is nothing I can so about it, I don't really care. If I was in any invested in your life, I would care.
  • Very much - I can't stand for someone to be sad. I'm sending you {{{hugs}}}. Just know that you are loved and take care of yourself.
  • i know that you have heard it before, but things will get better. i hope for you this is very, very soon. i know how you feel. sort of going threw a very depressing time in my life right now. i really hope that you feel better soon.if i could i would reach threw the computer and dry your tears, give u a big hug and try to make you laugh by making a really big ass out of myself..feel better o-k///
  • Yes i do care and i know it seems like things cant get worse but to tell you the truth they can if you let them, i know from experience, just stay strong and don't give up on yourself. *hugs*
  • Yes, I do. I think we all know what that feeling is like. Praying helps me. Not sure if you are religious, but I will pray for you. If you are religious than you should try to think about how every thing you've been through in life, you've gotten through it and it's because of the big guy! Crying helps at times, so let it out.
  • Yes. Because I have been there and have compassion for others.
  • Yeah .. I do ..and so sorry to hear that :-) !
  • This question is over a year old. I hope you are in a better frame of mind now.
  • I am sorry.
  • Yeah yo... Whattup?
  • **hugs** I care :D

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