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  • yes, love gets harder after marriage.
  • Marriage is a legal bond. Love is an emotional bond.
  • Comittment for the two is different. One is long term. But it will not last without love,
  • It is best described by two cards in Tarot. The Lovers and the Hanged man. The hanged man is tied to the back and hung upside down.
  • Nope I still love my ex-wife,and I always will mo matter what.Even if she remarries,once you love someone you always will,you might dislike them very much I'm sorry but I'm not going to hate her.She is loved by many since the day she was born.She does get on my nerves,but thats just the way it is.I'm glad she was a part of my life now,and forever more she is loved.I respect the people who continue to love one another despite the fact that they can no longer be in twined in a relationship.Hate is a feeling you will regret it's an empty feeling tormenting even.Just grow to love all the people that get on your nerves,and your life will get better,try to overlook the things you despise about people,and look for talents or other good traits about them,If you can't find any stop looking.
  • yes there is... Love is like this :) and after marriage is like this :(
  • In love there is no commitment or responsibility. In marriage there is love and responsibility born out of commitment.

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