• It's a long story, but it didn't happen overnight. Economic troubles in Germany with much propaganda mixed in and a gradual demonization of this group was what led to the holocaust. There are plenty of books and websites on the subject. He basically took a lot of problems that the nation had and blamed them on the Jews. People were willing to accept a scapegoat and it all spiralled downhill from there.
  • he didn't want to have to accept that his nations problems were their own. it felt good to balme somebody. that's why people joined. blaming a minority felt good for everyone ,so there it was.
  • Hitler didn't like Jews because he spent his youth in Vienna before and after the war, where much anti-semitism was brewing. People there blamed the Jews for society's problems, he just fell into line. Anti-semitism was common all through Europe and the Western world before WWII, so it wasn't too hard to convince people of the benefits of Nazism - people still believed in 'race' then, which only made things easier for Hitler and his hombres.
  • Hitler was a socialist, and the most visible group of identifiable capitalists were the Jews, with their skullcaps, earlocks, beards and caftans. Hitler lived through the cataclysmic Weimar Republic inflation, and everyone blames storekeepers for rising prices even though they are as victimized by it as anyone else. (Inflation happens when the government goes into the counterfeiting racket, not when storekeepers decide to get greedy all of a sudden.) He convinced people to join his party for many reasons, one of which was that after World War I, France and Britain came into Germany and took everything that wasn't red hot, nailed down or moving fast. Germans believed that, because they hadn't fired the first shot, they shouldn't have to accept sole blame for World War I.
  • Hitler didn't like a lot of people. He didn't like homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses. Wasn't Hilter raised by Jews?
  • There had always been significant levels of anti-semitism throughout Europe. Levels rose and fell over the centuries, but it was always there. Mostly dislike and fear of a group which was visibly different, and which kept itself very closed. Just as some people assume that any closed group is "ttalking about me", people assumed that the closed group of Jews was "conspiring against us". So what Hitler proposed was, intially, not much more than had happened many times before. And the Nazi party didn't look at all bad, initially. It seemed to be a standard Socialist party which was promising to run the country properly, which the Weimar government which preceded it had not done, and bing pride and wealth back to Germany. Germans were so miserable that anyone promising new hope could hope for support. And s lot of the nastiness in the Nazi party didn't come out until later - and was *never* seen by the ordinary German in the street.
  • Hi NateAbel, The question, "Why the Jews?" goes deep into politics and history. Here are two links for you: # # ----- Here is an abridged summary that should show you how established it is: 1st century - Genocide of the Jews by the Romans (‘First Jewish War’) 2nd century - Genocide of the Jews by the Romans (‘Diaspora Revolt’ and ‘Second Jewish War’) 4th century - Church father Ambrose encourages burning of synagogues so as to abolish Judaism. 5th century - Massacre of Jews in Alexandria. 11th century - Crusaders massacre Jewish communities in the Rhineland. 12th century - Crusaders massacre Jews in Europe; persecution in Spain. 13th century - Forced conversions of Jews all over Europe. 14th century - Black Plague is blamed on Jews. Perhaps three hundred Jewish communities are wiped out. Jews in the Rhineland are exterminated. Jews in Seville are massacred, followed by widespread pogroms in Iberia. 15th century - Spanish inquisition. Many Jews are killed. More than 150,000 are expelled from Spain. 16th century - Inquisition becomes pan-European phenomenon. 17th century - Inquisition continues. 19th century - In 1827 the Russian Tsar began a process of slow-genocide against the Eastern Jews, by forced conscription into the Russian army for Jewish boys, starting at the age of eight. Somewhat later the rate of conscription for some populations of Jews was raised to 5 times higher than what was applied to any other population, and matching the rate of groups selected for special punishment. The terms of service in the Russian army were 25 years. 19th century - Widespread pogroms against the Eastern Jews in the Russian Empire. 20th century - Widespread pogroms against the Eastern Jews in the Russian Empire, and then a genocide by the German Nazis all over Europe. ----- It is still going on today. EDIT The Media: # The Modern Protocols: #
  • Hello there, I am here to answer all your questions about The Holocaust. You asked 'Why did Hitler not like Jews? How did he convince people to willingly join the Nazi party?' My answer is: The reason the Nazis didn't like the jews is beacuse they wanted to create the perfect race, so everyone would be perfect and for example have blue eyes and blonde hair. The catogries eg. the disabled, the gypsies and the homosexuals did not fall into this idea, so therefore the imperfect (so the Nazis thought) groups were persecuted. *Thanks for this question. I hope my answer is of some use* ~~Return the favour and take a peek at my questions~~
  • I took history and i learnt that one of Hitler's reasons for great sucsess was the fact that he could almost brainwash people. People willingly joined up to the nazi's because of propaganda. Hitler used many methods to pursaude people he would do Germany good and then when he was actually in power, he tottaly changed. He did not like Jews because he needed to create a race that was considered perfect. So jews, did not fit into this. Neither did homosexuals, gypsies or disabled. Hitler thought it would make it easyier to blame the jews.
  • As many have already stated, he needed to create a 'master race' or at least 'purify' Germany, so they could prosper. However, every Nazi wasn't anti-semetic, not at all - there were a great many who only joined out of fear of what would happen to their famlies and them if they didn't join, and this isn't often mentioned sadly... Oh, and also - personaly, I beleive he really needed a scape goat as well, and since the Jews have been perscuted for a very, very long time, he might as well continue to use them...
  • After WW1, Hitler Joined The German Workers' Party. The Leader Of The Party Was Fanatically Anti-Semitic (Hates Jews). He Convinced Hitler There Had Been An International Jewish Conspiracy To Betray Germany In 1918. Hitler Joined The Party Committee And In 1921 He Became Leader. Hitler Also Changed The Name To National Socialist German Workers Party - 'National' To Attract Right-Wing Nationalists, And 'Socialist' To Attract Working Men.
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  • How: This my friend is a classic case of brainwashing and dehumanization.
  • Hitler's mother died when he was 18 years old. She had breast cancer,and was attended by a Jewish physician. After her death the doctor sent a bill to the family. The young Hitler loved his mother deeply and was traumatized by her passing. In Vienna he was living in extreme poverty,and envied the wealth of the Jews. Suffering from a well known form of mental illness,xenophobia,or fear of strangers,he reasoned that the Jews were trying to destroy him,and his culture.He projected all his fears,inadequacies,and failings onto this group of people.
  • Jews have always been an easy scapegoat. In the 1920s Germany had severe economic problems, and Hitler saw the value of having someone to blame. It seems there was a personal dislike there as well, but the reasons for that are obscure.
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      The Versailles Treaty bankrupted Germany, so who was it that took over and controlled the government? It certainly wasn't the Germans - they were starving, unemployed, and homeless. It was the Jews who took over and it was the Jews who ran Germany's economy into the ground in the 1920s (it was also the Jews who were making money. They promoted promiscuity in the 1920s - Berlin was known as "The Sex Capital of Europe"), and it was the Jews who were responsible for Germany losing WW1. Just weeks after Hitler was appointed Chancellor, it was the Jews, once again, who declared war on Germany. "Scapegoat"? Think again.
  • He blamed the Jews for the problems caused by World War I. He used them as scapegoats. As a child, Hitler has a problem with the Jews growing up. He believed in creating the perfect race, the Aryans, but ironically Hitler did not have blond hair and blue eyes. How did he convinced people? Propanganda and the belief that Jews caused the German reparations in the first World War. I think that he convinced people psychologically and brainwashed them.
  • Hitler was originally an art student, studying in Vienna, however when he came to go to art school, several schools turned him down, all of which were mainly owned by Jews, because Jews were very powerful during this time. Hitler felt they had started to destroy Germany and Vienna, and was resentful of all the foreigners that had come into (his) country, and had started taking jobs and work away from the Germans. This hatred spread even more when the November Criminals (all those that signed the treaty of versaille) officially surrended the first world war, most of which were Jews, and more hatred was spread. Hitler used these excuses to turn people against Jews, and people never willingly joined the Nazi party, if you wern't a member during the 30's there was a good chance you would be out of a job, homeless, or be pulled up by the SA (Hitlers personal army) all teachers had to be members, police officers, judges, doctors and dentists, so everywhere would be a nazi opinion, and the Nazi's eventually ruled supreme after the great depression when Hitler used it to his advantage and told the people what they wanted to hear, after joining with the German socialist party, the Nazi's won the vote in the reichstag and Hitler became leader of the main party in Germany, he later used this to his advantage and became chancellor, eventually naming himself fuhrer, ulitimate leader of Germany, therefore Hitler had ultinate power and began sreading the Nazi message everywhere, therefore the Nazi's were everywhere and nobody knew any different, and they all believed this was the right way of life.
  • Its not like Hitler was the only person to hate the Jews, the world was a very racist place to be in during that time before the Holacaust even began. Upon leaving in refefugee boats to North Americal boats were turned back by the US, and even Canada refused entry and the jews were sent back to Europe and straight to Concentration camps. There was a convincing by Hitler to make the Jews to appear as being the Enemy of the German state, Hitler went on to convince not just the German population but to all that would listen, thereby saying to any one listening that the Jews were the root of the worlds problems thus the Jews were responsible for all the wars that were happnening. This blame would continue right down to the last days of the Third Reich
  • The core problem of Hitler against the jews in Germany were the following items: The Babilonian Talmud Protocols of Elders of Zion Zionist Movement Hitler brainwashed the german society by using the Helegian Dialectic method. A powerful tool also used by Stalin with great results. My 2 cents.
  • by saying all the jews were shitty boombombs
  • Hitler used the worldwide dislike for Jews after the stockmarket crash by perpetuating falsehoods that they were trying to rule the world with their financial might.The German people thought he was a genious for having such great foresight,when all along it was he who was perpetrating to rule the world,they fell for his ploy hook,line and sinker.As soon as he gained a power base he used inhumane tactics that injected fear throughout the german population in order to achieve his agenda.It worked for a while but history has taught us that the critical mass are intolerant of restricting freedoms.
  • There's a lot of conflicting info on the subject out there but it seems he was part Jew and that was somehow a stigma which he took great afront to and tried to hide well. Either way, you also have to throw in a certain degree of mental illness which anyone who perpetrates such crimes has to have in order to do it. As for convincing people to join the Nazi party, the same can be asked of people who joined the KKK, participated in The Inquisition, joined the Communist Party or support George Bush's decisions - it's all part brainwashing and part malice. Some people are that stupid while others see the opportunities and cease the moment
  • I don't think he did. I think he saw them as pawns on a chess board and used them to garner his own political power.
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  • cause he hated himself
  • I have heard so many conflicting stories .I think a lot had to do with his desire to unify Germany around him and his regime and he used the Jews as a scapegoat for all the problems his nation had. He was able to play on their fears and untite them against a "common enemy". Which is what the majority of dictators do. While he had nothing persoanl against them himself he knew many people in Germany did and he used that to rise to power.
  • The jews were living it up in Germany while the German people were starving to death. Hitler used them as a scapegoat, to unite the German people, using them as a common enemy. They ultimately paid the price for how the Germans were treated after WW 1.
  • Because he was C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The reason people willingly joined the Nazi party was that this "poor leader" (as he has always been accused of) turned Germany's economy around, and in a time when unemployment was 30% and people were homeless, joining the Nazi party was the only way for a man to get a job and support his family. Germans weren't "brainwashed" into joining the Nazis - they had 14 years of starvation, homelessness, and unemployment under the Weimar Republic to form their own conclusions.

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