• This question is hard to answer because I don't know what you are referring to. The job, money or the future? If you go on disability then you should draw a monthly check and disability health care coverage. You can still work somewhere else as long as you work part time. Or you can not take the disability if you think you are capable of working somewhere else full time.
  • The job is law enforcement and my agency does not carry disability insurance. They say talk with my pension board, who in turn advises me to contact social security. The doctor that found me unfit for duty says I am capable of a desk job. My job refuses to do this for some unknown reason. They refuse to return my phone calls or answer my letters. I have hugh living expensives and medical bills because they cut off my medical insurance and any type of finanal support .I think, even though my doctor says I am disabled, along with thier doctor, they are in the clear because I cannot perform the essential functions of my job. I would get an attorney but I can no longer afford one. We do not have a union. Any suggestions.
  • If I were you, I would talk to an attorney that handles JUST soc. sec. disability cases. There is NO fee and they will not take your case UNLESS they almost know they will win. They can advise you on this better than any of us could.
  • Then I think that person got a raw deal. As a government employee, I work with individuals who should be FIRED much less placed on disability. They continue to collect bi-weekly paychecks DESPITE lacking any real knowledge or understanding of their job description... ...and have been doing so for YEARS.
  • then you get disability
  • You will have to be given a job you can perform but that depends on an appropriate job being available and if you are qualified to perform that job. Otherwise, as you know, they just let you go after which you don't have much leverage. I suggest getting very proactive in finding a job you can perform. Your description hints at your employer not being real happy with you in which case they might see this as an opportunity to get rid of you (i.e., not looking too hard for a job you can do). Hope that's not the case but if it is you might not be in a very good position to remain employed there.

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