• I do it all the time. I wear scrub pants every day...they are VERY comfortable. There is nothing wrong with wearing your work clothes out in public. I think this to be true of almost any job.
  • of course, why go home and change clothes when you are already at town. Some people wear scrubs all the time and don't use them for work.
  • i wear scrubs all the time, i like the scrubs with fun designs on them. Ironically enough i dont think they allow the fun design scrubs at work, you wear plain navy blue scrubs if ur a nurse
  • Actually, people do it all the time Nurses and Doctors but really it is not ok. As a health care provider we come in contact with so many pathogens that we spread to one another for example consider Nosocomial infections, can be aquired by almost any means of contact most especially scrubs. So if this is happening in a hospital it can happen outside the hospital (like the store).

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