• Why not? If he's suicidal a little silliness and humor sounds like the remedy.
  • Absolutely not, i try to post a meaningful answer with the aim of them seeing reason to get help. People with this mindset need all the help and assistance they can get.
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:14,15 14 On the other hand, we exhort YOU, brothers, admonish the disorderly, speak consolingly to the depressed souls, support the weak, be long-suffering toward all. 15 See that no one renders injury for injury to anyone else, but always pursue what is good toward one another and to all others. The word of God says to speak consolingly to the the depressed souls, support the weak. I tend to think this kind of advice might have a more positive effect. Next time there is someone on a bridge threatening to jump, maybe they will call Bill Cosby to joke them down according to BigBossSNK's rationale.
  • no. there is nothing funny about someone who is suicidal, something might have happend to get to this stage and the last thing is for anyone to give stupid or funny answers.they need to seek help and if one of us can help him or her then it is good.
  • Nope. I ask them about methods they've considered and I point out either how those methods will fail in ways which will leave them alive and ever more miserable, or that those methods will really kill them but give them plenty of time to reconsider without allowing them to back out. Part of the reason people kill themselves is that they just aren't thinking straight. I step in and point out how suicide could really make everything a whole lot worse, and explain in detail why this is so (I've done research).
  • Definitely unacceptable,without a doubt.
  • Your friend needed physical comfort. Full stop. He cannot get it from the Interwebs. Full stop. Comments on the Internets do not aggravate suicidal behaviour. Full stop.
  • i dont find it acceptable whatsoever. for me i tried to get help several times before my first suicide attempt. i would go to the hospital and they would say that it wasnt serious enough. i know i was on the verge of having a huge breakdown and no one took me seriously. i almost died because of that. if they hadnt have found me when they did i would not be here today. and that scares me. i cant stand ignorant people and people who take suicide lightly. even if someone is saying that they are suicidal and doing it for attention, there is something still very wrong there.
  • Well that can cause that someone to hate life more cause he might get offended by you making jokes about what he is asking at you and you don't know what this person has been into lately. So in one case yes that would be wrong to do. Unless you do it with a nice way and make that person understand that things in life can be better and not worst and that some people are having a harder life cause they do not fight as much as they can. If you raise his self esteem by saying funny things about it then yes you should do it
  • Suicide is NOT a joking matter. It's a very serious issue - the person's feelings and seriousness should NEVER be diminished - every suicide comment and/or attempt should be taken as a cry for help.

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