• obama Civilian Defence Force yes he is setting up a program like Hilter had that became the SS that is how Hitler formed his army before WWII.
  • Yes he definitely will. George W. Bush was a great president just at a bad time. People are blaming him for things that he had no control over. Who we really need for President is John McCain and we had that chance but people were too hardheaded and voted that moron Obama into office.
  • God, I HOPE not! If he is, I shall probably throw myself off the Golden Gate Bridge!
  • I don't think that ANYONE can be worse than GWB.
  • Yes I believe he will be a worse president based on the fact the he has little/no experinece in foreign affairs. I feel they have sent a boy to do a mans job. Although he can give a good speech, I do not believe that is going to be enough to carry us through four years. I fear for the direction of our country.
  • i think that anyone with a pulse will be an improvement. he'll be blamed for a lot that has evolved over the past 3 decades. i'll keep him in my prayers, as i always do the leader of the free world.
  • I think a well trained dog could do a better job than Bush. The only reason he ran for president is because he failed at pretty much everything else he did. See how that worked? The rich, they fail up. =P
  • I don't like or hate the man but it isn't going to be that hard to be a better one.
  • Obama will be a million times worst. He is anti-God and communist.
  • okies!
  • No, not worse than Bush but he is pro-choice when it comes to abrtion so in my opinion thats not good.
  • define worse I think he is gonna try to take the USA in directions I hate to see it go
  • Ask that question after your taxes go through the roof. He has a lot of good ideas but, They arent going to come cheap. Say whatever you want about GW, One fact remains, You and I paid less fed taxes in 2008 Than we did in 2000. Thats even after financing a war.
  • So far dont have an opinion one way or the other about Barack Obama.Better or worse he is the President of the U.S....Time will tell if he is better or worse.Keep the country in your prayers.If you can include the President.Do it!
  • Yes, I do. Obama is going to raise taxes and repeal tax rebates. Whatever problems this country faces, raising taxes is NOT the answer. The wealthisest Americans pay WAY too much in taxes. We should cut services, NOT increase taxes if we can't afford them!
  • He is literially going to bank rupt us and with that the world and they will start WWIII.
  • no thats watch this drive
  • For sure. I am 100% sure of it. I hate to say that it's possible another 9/11 tragedy during his presidency. With Bush we were safe after 9/11. No matter what left liberals say we were â—„ safe â–º with Bush. His administration is not going to use a term "war on terrorism". â—„ How hypocrete is that? â–º The fact that he is going to close Gitmo jail tells you his heart, like all liberals', aches for the criminals and not for the fathers, sons, mothers of the 9/11 victims. He will be much worse than Bush. Trust me on this. I don't feel safe with Obama at all.
  • I'm not sure if he will be better or worse than Mr. Bush. I didnt really think Mr. Bush did anything that bad. Obama just started and I have no idea if his programs will work or not. I hope he does well,but time will tell.
  • I'm afraid the writing is already on the wall, yes. If this incredibly massive spending drives us into an economic depression he may be remembered as the worst president ever.

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