• My wife and I both earn about the same amount so we have a joint account that we put bills money in and keep the rest to ourselves. Year ago I was out of work for several months and Lara had to pay for everything which put a massive strain on our relationship. We are about to start trying for a baby and if my wife stops working, I will pay all the bills and divide whatever is left in half and transfer it to her account to do with as she pleases. Its difficult not get stressed about money, but its not as important as fairness, freedom and love.
  • Naw. My wife and I pretty much spend as we wish, at each person's discretion, within reason of course. Only on large ticket items do we usually discuss the purchase with each other. Even then, it's not a matter of asking permission as much as 'Can we afford this now'? or 'Do we need this'?, etc.
  • we have full discretion to spend what we want, we each have separate checking accounts and keep track of what we spend, however, we do not spend over $500 without consulting/informing the other. this works for us and has for over 25 yrs!
  • I ask her and I make sure she asks me too, just because we currently have absolutely no income whatsoever. We cannot afford much superfluous spending right now.
  • We have separate accounts, but I appreciate the things he buys for me like vodka, food, a barn, and horses :)
  • Neither. My husband makes the money and I spend it. He's a OTR truck driver, he has a certain amount he has advanced to him for expenses and I get the rest to take care of household expenses, bills and whatever. If we need something, I have his power of attorney, so I buy it. I have never misused this power so he trusts my judgement.
  • My husband handles the finances, as it isn't good to have too many hands in the checkbook. Its a good way to bounce checks. He has a talent for managing the little money we have. We always talk over every purchase, not because he requires it, but because it is considerate and we are partners in this marriage. He is way too generous with me, and I have to put the brakes on as I know we can't afford what he'd like to give me. He is way too stingy with himself. Its the only thing we ever argue over. I make most of the family clothing, but my skills aren't good enough to make men's pants yet. I had to argue with him this weekend to get him to buy three pairs of pants for himself when everything he has is so stained I can't get them clean anymore. We got it done though :)
  • I think within a good relationship, you should not have to 'ask' the other one for approval. Especially when both are earning money. Open a joint account, transfer more than enough money to that account to pay for all common bills (mortgage, groceries, flowers, etc.).
  • i dont ask if i can spend money nor does he but as we (and like most other couples/families) are short on cash if theres something we need then we normally go together or its discussed. both of our incomes go into a joint account and after all the bills and rent and debt is paid we put a little away and talk about if theres anything we need. we are going xmas shopping (prezzies/food/decorations) together. for added trats like a wii game or something like that we discuss it if we can afford it or not.
  • Neither. I took the advice of my mother and always havfe an account of my own. We have his, hers, and ours. Works for us.
  • We budget at the beginning of every month and the "blow" money is up for grabs. No asking required.
  • Neither of us HAVE to ask the other, but we would both discuss any expensive or out of the ordinary purchase.

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