• no duh, nothing's ever perfectly straight- but it appears that way. why do you care?
  • They would be slightly further apart at the top due to the curvature but because the towers were relatively close together, this difference would be negligible. Compare this with the Humber Bridge in England where the difference between the bottom and top of the towers is measurable (~35mm).
  • Good question. My guess would be that the Earth's curvature would not figure into the design or realisation of the towers, as it would probably be effectively negligible when you consider that the distance between the towers would be constantly varying by a number of cm (at least) due to wind, structural dynamics, expansion due to heat etc.
  • The earth isn't flat? OMG!
  • Hmm! Humans are incapable of perfection. Except for liberal democraps!
  • 9-5-2017 Buildings sway in the wind. They are designed to do that, so they don't break. They can sway farther than the difference due to Earth's curvature. That amounts to about a half inch.

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