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  • It makes them feel powerful. (((HUGS)))
  • What happened, honey?
  • Who's the fool who called you a name?
  • Don't let mean people touch your spirit!
  • If they have to resort to name calling it's clear who's the better person there...
  • It is just another defensive manuver to have them on top of the argument. They win every time you listen. Just ignore it. Whenever they resort to name calling it is either due to them not having any other good comebacks or will simply provide a distraction so that the conversation will end.
  • VS Angel - You are an awesome girl. When A-Holes resort to using words to hurt you, just remember, they are just A-Holes. If it gets too much, just pull back to your friends and family and people who love you. There are always going to be people out there who hurt you, stay close to the ones who love you. (hug)
  • Try not to take it to heart but i know it's hard. They normaly can't think of anything else to say of any intelagence or are rather guilty of somthing and trying to keep that hidden. Keep your chin up honey XX.
  • It is okay to cry, let it out, once you have cried you will feel better. Tears always help to clean out the hurt.
  • I'm sorry to hear that someone's called you names. : ( Sometimes, people resort to name calling to belittle the other person because they can't come up with a good response. Sometimes, they just say something to try to make you feel bad (and that's the only way they know how or the first thing they think of). In either of those cases, it speaks of the person's maturity level (and not in a good way). But not all name calling is a bad thing, sweetie pie. Sometimes, name calling can be a sign of endearment, pumpkin, or a complement, brainiac (although it does depend on how that's said). So, it depends on the situation. Unfortunately, in this case, it sounds like it happened during some sort of disagreement/argument.
  • Here is some tell me all about it:)
  • I will cry for you as well. The reality is that some people on here are just creeps who can't handle being wrong.
  • when they are just too stupid to think of any other response this is what is left, only proves you are better than they are!!
  • Crybaby....j/k
  • Cause some people just don't care about others and there feelings;) Just like trolls ,,,Useless as tits on a boar hog;)
  • OK...big hug!!!! <<<<tissues in hand>>>
  • Because as a whole: people are ass-holes! Be the best you, and if if people make fun, be confident in that your are being the best person you can be. It's not worth crying or losing sleep over.
  • There are a lot of reasons people resort to name calling and other immature behaviors, I cant speak for them, however, in this case I will speak for myself and start with yet another appology. What I say is by no means an excuse or justification, as there is none, it is mearly an explanation of a remorseful individual. As you are The best soul I have ever had come in to my life, I in short, thought I lost you, and as a defense lashed out at you that I thought would somehow convince me you were not all I had come to believe. The trouble is you were even more and I was a frightened man not willing to think of life without you. You went on to show me what real understanding and compassion was all about. You are an amazing woman, my best friend and the purest heart I have ever met which I have come to love for that and easily 100 other reasons.
  • I don't ever call people names, because they can cause more damage than ever intended. They can stay with a person indefinitely and do damage long after they are spoken. I have been in situations that would have been ruled in Supreme Court as "Justifiable Name Calling Situations", and have refrained from traveling down that road. I get no satisfaction from tearing someone down to lift myself up. I can't even make sense of how that is possible for anyone. I think it displays weakness, poor self esteeem, and someone that feels the need to WIN or CONTROL a situation. It's quite sad actually. Understand, that no matter how much you would like to believe otherwise, sometimes life just isn't fair. Be prepared. You may have been betrayed by the only person you trust, or have had your heart broken by someone; it is an unfortunate & extremely difficult part of life. It will feel like your life map has just blown out the window. You will feel so lost that nothing makes sense anymore. You will be a mixed bag of emotions, searching for answers that never come. Ask yourself; will calling the person names, no matter how suitable they may be, help you find peace or the direction you need. No. Instead, when you feel like calling someone a name, you should think about why you want to call them that name, and find out what you can do differently to avoid someone of that character moving forward. I believe when you feel lost & alone this is the best chance you have of finding direction & peace in your life. Name calling is never the answer.
  • Because they aren't capable of coming up with sentences that show why they're angry. They resort to being children and insult people to get under your skin.
  • Stupid boy!!
  • I think it is their own insecurities and they really cant think of better things to say. Alot of times if you look at them and simply say, "ok. and?" they will stop. the more they see they upset you the more they will call you names.
  • I don't know, but your not the only one whose been called names.
  • Some people can only feel good about themselves by berating others! It's a terrible thing. Don't ever let it get you down! :) +++
  • No don't cry!!!!! Some people are stupid and decide they have call others name because of their own insecuraties.
  • ok there could be a few different reasons one could be that they just dont like u,they could just be that pissed that they loose control, they could alsobe jealous of u, and they could be scared of u. or when they do that it makes them feel better about themself i hope u r feeling better *hugs and even more hugs*

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