• My first car a 1989 Beretta, it had soo many things wrong with it and I was the only one who could sort through all of its glitches, so I was the only one who got to drive it! I loved that piece of crap! :)
  • A 1988 Dodge Dakota Pick-up truck. I had that truck for over 10 years and it was the best vehicle I ever owned. There were only two small rust spots on it when I finally broke down and traded it in. I miss my truck.
  • 1993 Honda Civic LX I sold it in 2007 after driving it 235,000 miles. Very good gas mileage, reliable, inexpensive to own, comfortable even for a tall person. Best car I've owned so far.
  • my VW Beetle was the most fun car i owned, but not the fastest ha!
  • 1969 Super Sport Camero. After that it's been down hill all the way:)
  • 1 66 shelby GT350H SFM6S1949 2 its a shelby
  • My favourite car was my Renault Kangoo. I loved that car. It was such a good shape, good seating position, loads of space and had character. It is just a shame the automatic gear box wasn't as reliable as the rest of the car.. I miss my Renault Kangoo - *sniff sniff*
  • My Neon. It handled so great! My next car will be a Neon.
  • My Audi TT. It's sexy, fast, economic fuel-wise, drives incredibly well and fits into almost any parking space.
  • 1. The old soviet tank my men found in Afghanistan 2. my current car, a porsche 912 which I have fully restored
  • A 67 goat; I loved that car. It was the kind of car you really FELT like you were driving.
  • A 280z named Zelda, that car would fly!
  • My favorite would have to be my '77 Camaro! It got me all kinds of dates, free food at drive-thrus, etc., when I was younger. It was a fantastic car! The BEST car I ever owned was either one of my 2 Corollas (VERY dependable and sporty (fastbacks)! But, the Camaro was my favorite!
  • I only know of 1. I had a toyota in HS. I was involved in several wrecks. The insurance totalled the car out 3 times and It was still driveable. We ended up getting about $5000 for a car that had a book value of $500. That was a good car.
  • Around 1980, I had a 1963 Olds Cutlass. It was not in perfect condition, but ran great and there was just something very peaceful about driving it. I haven't figured out why after all these years. Someday I'll buy another and see if I can get to the bottom of the matter.
  • The one I have now - a Honda Civic 4 door sedan. I've had the least mechanical problems with it than any other car I have owned. The worst was my 1980 Pontiac Sunbird. After about 2 years I had it, it was in the repair garage nearly every week - brake problems.
  • the oldsmobile cutlass ciera 2002 model. it drove pretty steadily. and had a clean, uncluttered appearance. plus it was a gas saver. but one day, someone crashed into it, the frame broke, it would cost $8.000 to fix..we didnt have the money and sold to scrap yard.
  • my old 1986 Dodge Shadow, it had its problems but that little car was fun.
  • A 1963 Chevy Nova II. She was just a hot little car.
  • BMW - White convertible Favorite because of the good memories of that time, my first convertible, no big maintainence probs like everyone warned me of.
  • My favorite was a 1967 camaro. Because it was a project car I worked on with my dad, and my first car :)
  • This one... A 1992 Nissan Figaro ,a retro-car made for the Japanese market,and has a steering wheel in the right.I like the large amount of chrome on it as well as a retractable roof that folds into the trunk and it's leather seats.Even Eric Clapton owns one.
  • Well, it is a toss up. I have only had two cars so far. I like the one I am in now because It is fresh and clean and i dont have to put oil in it every day. It is a 2001 nissan. A small little thing that saves me on gas. The one before this was my 1990 mazda. It had a big scratch on the side, ate up oil, cut out on me, and smoked like crazy. But I strangely loved that thing and miss it. i love my new car because it is safer and all that mess but I miss my baby.
  • 1957 porsche with 1800 cc engine 4 single throat Webber Carbs and 3/4 race cam. Such a sweet car, handled like a dream, fast, pretty, lowered in the back and decambered, so i could take a 90 degree turn really fast without flipping over.... loved that car should never have let it go...

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