• The most distinctive of Alabama's traditions are almost always associated with football. The nickname "Crimson Tide" originated with the 1907 Iron Bowl. Auburn, heavily favored to win, was forced to accept a tie with Alabama after a hard-fought game. Describing the game, one sportswriter described the offensive line as a "Crimson Tide", in reference to their crimson jerseys. * UA's mascot is an elephant called "Big Al." The name was chosen in the late 1970s in a campus-wide contest. * The "Million Dollar Band" holds the distinction of appointing the first ever female college marching band director, Kathryn Scott, who led the band from 1984 until her retirement in 2002. * On the evening before the homecoming football game, a pep rally is held on campus at which a bonfire is ignited. * The day of homecoming, a parade is held. * Before the start of each home game, a video feed featuring famous plays from Alabama history along with the voice of Paul "Bear" Bryant is played. * At the beginning of the 4th quarter in football, the Million Dollar Band plays "Basketcase" by Green Day, and fans hold up four fingers to signify that Bama is a "fourth quarter team" and will pull out a victory in the end. * After great victories, fans love to yell the "Rammer Jammer" cheer
  • Maybe because they never forget a grievance and make sure to get even? :) Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • IDK ... and I've lived in Alabama all my life! For that matter, how come Aubun University (also in AL) has a tiger for a mascot but their war-cry is "War Eagle!"

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