• What type of haunted house is that? Oh yeah, that kind. Seems like a good idea to me
  • Wow that seems uh...disturbing. At first I thought it was like one of those normal roadside attractions, but it seems very innovative and unique. I would totally go see this, not so much for the question of eternal consequences, but out of interest, and perhaps some enlightenment. I think it's fascinating that it's run by a religious organization, and can only hope that through its flashy and provocative skits, it isn't just a one sided attempt at conversion. Still, seems totally awesome. :D
  • Now THAT is disturbing. What else can I say? *cringe* Might be fun to see one of these places, but I doubt I would "fall in" with their way of errrr. . .thinking. To each his own, but not my idea of a great "haunted house".
  • Religion can be the most horrifying, threatening, and scary force in the world. This, specifically, is sicker than anything the horror genre could come up with, in my opinion.
  • They're playing on people's fears of death and ever lasting hell to drive them toward God. That's disturbing. I don't know exactly why. There's something wrong with scaring people into Heaven.
  • There are few things more frightening -- and threatening -- than the folks who insist on saving others souls.
  • It's certainly not my idea of good teachings. Living a productively good life, IMO is the best way to convey an ideology; nothing lasting or real, can be achieved through fear.
  • Who the hell would take children to that? I think that's horrendous. I really do, and I don't understand how seeing any of that could ever be 'fun'.
  • Bor-ing! i want to go to one so I can throw stuff at and generally annoy the actors. :)
  • Some people!!!!!
  • Why would you go to this?? I mean, Cmon....

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