• Let's try it and see if it works!!!!
  • it can help you forget about it
  • No they'll never allow that!
  • If we make it legal yes. then we dont have to support everyone in jail for it. then we tax it and economy is FIXED!!! and free pot for college students who need it the most ;)
  • Well if not Marijuana Hemp can,They already make money off Marijuana that's why it's illegal.Hell the Indians smoked it then they killed them all,and made it illegal,after they sailed across the ocean with Hemp fabric ,and ropes.They can make hemp grain ,and feed livestock replacing steroids,you would be absolutely amazed by it's flavor excellent salad topping,even more so in it's nutritional facts-hell u can freakin live off of it.Farmers would love it it's an awesome thing to absorb toxins from creeks to protect crops,Then again maybe it's flammable,and they would have to regulate it by moving it each year.Im not sure how but it replenishes top soil ,and could help prevent erosion throughout the unyielding times,and can even grow in the flood zones.Yeah they import it from Canada at health food stores,If your a salad lover your just not very intelligent not to try it.It's like the potato in France they wouldn't plant it when they needed it most,and people were starving from absolute dumb ass syndrome.
  • The taxes man, the taxes. Our government is just too stupid.
  • It would, but it doesn't want to get off the couch.
  • No it would actually hurt it. The price woudl go down all dealers would be broke. And mexicans woudl flip out if we grew their cash crop
  • No. First I must disagree with the pre-supposition that the US economy is dying. Some adjustments needed, thats all and the ecoonomy will be as robust as ever. As for marijuana: The demand will be so huge that most of the demand will have to be met by imports. And the black market will still flourish for verieties with higher potency as those will either be not available in the legal market or if available too expensive. Somethig similar to the 'Havana Cigar' syndrome.
  • No. Because the tax revenue from the legal cultivation and sale along with the cut in cost of enforcing drug laws would be offset by the damage in lost productivity of the stoned addict, higher cost in injury, property damage, death, and health costs such decriminalization and legal sales and cultivation would bring. Massachusetts is about to find out what the Netherlands (Holland) found out the hard way. marijuana use has no silver lining to it.
  • Yes.. If the BILLIONS of dollars spent of the "War on Drugs" each year went to something more productive it would help out a lot. Also the money saved on prisons and prisoners, since over 80% of inmates in the US are there for non-violent drug related crimes.
  • It will move "doping" people from the crime syndicates and the drug lords to everyday businessmen. I suppose it depends on how many potheads there are and how many more will be brought into the fold..maybe they'll add nicotine..oh, wait, it is already kinda addictive, isn't it? Now, to be fair, I have read that it benefits some people in pain..people living with aids or cancer seem to get relief from its use. But to promote it wholesale to healthy people..well, I don't know about that. Doesn't seem very logical to me. But then, I'm not knowledgeable about the stuff either. :)
  • Legalizing pot (and not drugs in general) would be interesting. There would be lots of money lost by local gov't, due to fines, confiscated property, and dirty cop deals that are a source of revenue today. But the taxes would more than compensate for this. However there is resistance to this reshuffling of money. A completely open pot market would be ideal. More than likely though, the first steps with this will see major manufacturers lobbying for a tobacco-like license, which will basically give them exclusive license to grow the stuff. This might be worse than the status quo, as they could easily blackmail the populace with high prices on low-quality grass. Plus they would put the same crap into it that they do their cigarettes today. An open pot market would allow small business to grow with this highly profitable, easy-to-grow plant. Prices would go down because the "danger pay" related to violating the law would be eliminated. Its super easy to grow, so there would be lots of people trying to jump into the market. Every sensible town across the nation would open up new smoke shops, but maybe this would be not as good because less people would be buying alcohol in bars... you decide. The by-products (i.e. the "rest of the plant") just get thrown away by small growers today, but larger operations (and legality) would encourage reuse of this valuable vegetation in imaginative ways. Google "industrial hemp" to learn about the hundreds of uses there are for this inexpensive plant matter. Underground operations on the west coast and Canada produce some of the best-tasting, and most potent pot in the world. Allowing this market would make the US famous much like Kentucky for its tobacco, Scotland for its whiskey, and France for its wine.
  • It will create a billion dollar industry right here in the US! Jobs would be everywhere and people will stop being pissed off. We'll stop putting people in jail, which means we'll have to spend less taking care of prisoners and more towards our country. It'll be great!
  • I don't think it can, but I think that if our government realized that we have been fighting a losing war on drugs since the Carter administration and decided to enact legalization or legislature like in parts of California where Marijuana is lowest priority (les than jaywalking) then they could save trillions of dollars they spend on funding for that and also make money taxing and controlling marijuana like they do alcohol. Of course this isn't going to be easy because there's lots of police forces getting budgets and $$$ from seized property etc. they get this and they don't want to give this money up. With a focus on hard drugs and less on marijuana, we would see more hard criminals and hard drug offenders in jail and not kids busted with weed. Again this isn't going to save the american economy but it can save taxpayers a lot of money and it seems to me a more effective way to battle drugs by focusing on drugs like meth and crack and not a drug 2/3 of the population has tried at some time or another and is proven to be less harmful both physically and sociologically than alcohol. Here's an interesting vid from a former police chief turned author about this subject.
    • Linda Joy
      Carter?! You need to learn a little more history! It was Nixon back in 1971 That initiated the War on Drugs.
  • No. Not by itself. But if Americans would try harder to buy American instead of cheap imports it would make a huge difference. Also if people on government assistance were helped to become self sufficient taxpayers it would relive a huge tax burden. But I think the biggest problem is a wasteful and overreaching government. Then again I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to macroeconomics. The whole disgusting business of politics sickens me. but Philip Morris has purchased a lot of property suited for growing marijuana it's on the horizon so we'll see what good it does in the long run. And those of you who think it's going to save our economy should probably invest in Philip Morris which by the way would probably help our economy.
  • Yes in its natural form and locally sourced. And it can save some lives of people addicted to opiates that accidentally OD on fenanyl.
  • i dont think so

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