• Education is a requirement for progress, but open-mindedness to other points-of-view are a must to see the new aspect of your current "truth". Intelligence is the capacity of knowledge, wisdom is the ability to apply that intelligence.
  • I would agree that the potential is there. However, some highly educated people are very rigid and narrow in their outlook..they accept only that which conforms to their preconceived ideas and reject everything else. The ideal goal of education is to broaden one's knowledge of the world..present different concept/philosophies. But you can only absorb from something that which you are willing to acknowledge. If you reject something immediately because it goes against your beliefs, then you end up with an "education", more book learning, but not much else.
  • Education is paramount to advancement. However lessons in integrity and character must be included in the mix.
  • Couldn't agree with you more. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Education beats indoctrination, incarceration and detonation! :]
  • I feel that is the way it was with me, however there are many brilliant people who hold onto some old, outdated, sad ideas.
  • Yeah I think the experience does help open peoples minds, and when people travel and explore other cultures it can do the same thing IMO
  • I've seen that expressed by people of some education however I don't think it's practiced in greater percentages than those of less education. I think that open-mindedness and tolerance aren't taught at all. You either have it or you do not. Stephen Fowler is the perfect example. Tolerant, open to and accepting of new or different ideas he certainly is not. He's only tolerant and accepting to his own ideas.
  • fonicks duz all that?
  • Nah. Just a piece of paper to get a job with.
  • That's the way I see it. It makes me feel that those who see it differently are missing out on some education.

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