• Your a** is under rebellion.
  • It could mean that you are eating something your body does not "agree with" or it could mean that something is wrong with your digestive system. Either way, you should consider seeing your doctor.
  • It means it's time to go to the doctor. It could be IBS(irritable bowel syndrome), a syndrome is just like saying you have something the doctors don't understand. But it is a very serious condition that could ultimately lead to many surgeries and even death. It could be an infection. Probably bacterial and that also can lead to death due to extreme dehydration. It could be another type of living organism like an amoeba. Since you live in Australia I do not know if there are any there you could catch. If you have been in the bush or have eaten any questionable food or have gone out of your area or country recently and went swimming or drank water not purified. Any one of those things can open the door for an infection. It could also be a reaction to medication. So whatever it is could be serious if you have diarrhea more than 2-3 days. GO TO THE DOCTOR.
  • You need help hun!!
  • Your either eating the wrong stuff ,taking the wrong drugs or drinking the wrong brew...or if you cant tick those boxes then you need a could be something sinister catch it quick.
  • You could be stressed. Stress will do funny things to you.
  • Could mean you have problems with your digestive system or you could be getting food poisoning.
  • Go to the doctor. It could be serious.
  • My first guess is you swallowed something that won't go through. That means you need a doctor.

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