• its not a good idea because they are more prone to being pierced or, excuse the pun, worn thin. If you choose to keep one in your wallet, replace it every 2-3 weeks if it has not been used.
  • Nope - not a good idea at all. We were told in sex ed. class never to use a condom that was stored in a wallet and here is why: Usually wallets are kept close to the body; say, for instance, in a back pocket. By keeping your wallet so close to your body, and thus the condom, your body heat is warming the wallet. Continuous exposure to sure heat, though low, will gradually degrade the condom over time. And there are other potential factors as well such as sweat, weather exposure, and friction to name a few. If the wallet is the only place you have to hold on to a condom - just in case? - then I would suggest replacing it every couple of weeks. Maybe instead of hooking up with a woman at her place, you could bring her to your place and just keep the condoms next to the bed? Just a suggestion! Hope this helped.
  • not safe, they get pierced when u sit or anything could happen to it.
  • I've always been against that... just doesn't seem like a good idea in my head :/
  • Haven't seen one in years, but, isn't there an expiration date stamped on the packet?
  • i dont see why not
  • Definitely replace after each use.
  • After each use.

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