• Yes, as do most people. We rarely come out of the womb ready to perform an occupation.
  • Yes. Aside from the experience I already had, I was required to obtain two different licenses, and also attend multiple training courses.
  • Yes I do. It's the reason why I still have my job. I'm very qualified for it.
  • Nope...I'm supposed to be doing something else, but I enjoy graphic design job.
  • No - not for any job I've done. I spent three years working for my father doing general office / warehouse / driving work. Then I spent 25 years or so in IT-related jobs, and although I received training from the two companies I worked for, I needed no special qualifications to get those jobs. And now, my wife and I run an ecommerce business selling organic pet health products. I do all of the website work (and customer service), but that's all self-taught.
  • You can be qualified for job, and not have to get those qualifications somewhere else... Many companies now have entry level positions, where you can almost prove that you can do the job and get promoted. I never needed any qualifications for the current job that I am doing, even though they require certain knowledge or degrees, they never asked me... I guess I proved myself.
  • Yes, had to go to law school and pass the bar. I also have to take a certain amount of continuing education classes each year.
  • Almost.. I studied languages translation of four languages plus English .. and I became a teacher!! I was not qualified to be a teacher but I am doing a good job.. (I hope)!!
  • I work in a job that I am gaining qualifications for Equine managenent
  • Not really. I studied Sociology and Criminal Justice to earn a BA in Social Science, and now I am a manager in a grocery store.
  • No. I applied for a job that I had no prior knowledge of and I learned on the job.
  • Yes, but since then I have gained more and am now getting to the stge of being overqualified

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