• Cremated. I don't want roaches feeding on my corpse.
  • burnt with my ashes thrown in the cold sea like I did to my father I pretty sure no one ever visited my grand parents graves no relitives can remember going there in the last 35 years.
  • I never heard of a cementery. I heard of a cemetery which is called a graveyard in some countries. I wish to be buried in a green graveyard which saves the environment and a humanist funeral which means no religious bull$hit.
    • 11stevo73
      How is cleaning land for a cemetery saving the enviroment? More greenbullshit wake up .
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      A green burial is designed to have a minimal environmental impact. It is not bull$hit and I am awake. You should research green burials online before you say anything else just for your own information
  • Before I die, I'd like to remain in one piece. After I die, I don't suppose I will care anymore either way.
  • buried
  • Being "put in a cementery" sounds like something from an old gangster movie.
  • Woodland burial, in a hole with a tree planted on top, feeding the tree as I decompose.
  • Traditional burial

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