• The fact of the matter is that is cannot. Once the Federl Reserve fires up its printing presses and begins to expand the money supply, inflation will kick in HARD. This will weaken the dollar and strain the economy. Inflation is the cruelest tax of all.
  • The Federal Reserve Corporation creates currency out of thin air. They operate the printing presses printing currency with no intrinsic value except against the other currencies around the world. The Federal Reserve in the USA is in violation of the Constitution of the USA. Most all the currencies around the world are owned by the Rothschild family of the UK. Currently ALL 100% of the income taxes paid each year go to pay a portion of the interest on the currency borrowed from the Federal Reserve by the US government never on the principle. The USA can never get out of debt as long as the Federal Reserve exists.
  • It doesn't. But our economy has been based on "smoke and mirrors" (republican lies) since Reagan in 1980.

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