• Sometimes I use a bookmark, sometimes I fold the pages. It depends on the availability of a bookmark.
  • Depends on the book. If it's a borrowed or library book, most definitely. If it's one of mine, I'll usually just fold the corner(especially if it's older).
  • I'm always buying bookmarks and always losing them. I am usually guilty of dog-earring the page.
  • I don't get to read as much as i would like. Kids keep me busy after work.
  • i cant stand it when the pages are bent. i use anything and everything i can find to hold my place, a tag from a new shirt, a receipt, a post it note. anything.
  • I always pick up a bookmark from the bookshop where I buy my books and use it.I love my books a lot since they are very old texts which are out of date or ancient.They are not available everywhere and so I lend them to my students to read and contemplate on them.The next person who gets the book should honor it so it is important to keep it in as good a condition as possible.
  • Folding is for laundry and poker, not book pages. hehe
  • I cant to that to a book, I always use a bookmark.
  • Yes. Traditional ones, post-its, anything I can find that approximates size of bookmark.
  • You know that scraping sound on a blackboard that makes everyone in the room cringe? Well, that's how I feel about "bending" the corner of a book page. If I've got a bookmark handy, great. If not, I'll even lay a kleenex or newspaper ad or business card or anything til I can get something better rather than "deface" a book. FYI - if you don't have bookmarks? A 3x5 or 4x6 card works well. Can even do double duty to scribble a note on if necessary (and you don't have your journal handy) With non-fiction? I've been known to have multiple post-it notes sticking out of the book - varying colors. Key phrases or tag words on them. Later, I go back to each one and either re-reread or take written notes from those pages. No folding of pages. Yes on bookmark or any of the other things listed or nearby that can do stand-in duty as as bookmark.
  • I never fold the pages in books, but I don't always use bookmarks- sometimes I just remember where I left off.
  • one of my pet hates is people who turn over the corners of pages.can't they find a scrap bit of paper or something.if i lend someone a book i always tell them not to turn the corners.
  • Sometimes I use a book mark, but most of the time I just remember the page number. I never fold the pages.
  • I never fold the pages and my bookmarks are somehow nowhere in sight when I want to mark my page, so I use whatever is nearby.. piece of mail, etc. until I find my bookmark, then the whole process repeats itself.
  • I just use whatever is handy, normally a receipt.
  • About eight (ten?) years ago, I bought a box of about 2000 sports cards for $2. They make excellent bookmarks and at the price I leave them in the book. The bad news is that I am running out. Next year I have to hit the garage sales for sports cards again.
  • always im ocd so folded pages really annoy me i will iorn them stright
  • I don't like to buy bookmarks because I tend to lose them and think they are a waste of money. Therefore, I tend to use whatever is laying around like envelops, playing cards, scrapes of papers, receipts, etc. I won't fold pages in my book because I want my books in as good condition as possible since I collect books.

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