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  • I guess technically yes, and by God I think I might go be sick right now with the realisation I have just had. But most people I talk to don't think it does.
  • hell no.
  • No, your virginity must be given up willingly. They may be physically not virgins but in spirit they are a virgin. But what I don't belive in is people who are born again virgins or whatever they want to call it. If you have sex when you are 20 and then are celibate til you are 42, guess what you still arn't a virgin. But if your only sexual intercourse was a rape then you are a virgin.
  • I'm going out on a limb here and say something which will probably get modded down due to the other answers, but in nearly every culture and religion in the world a woman who is raped (penile-vaginal) is considered to no longer be a virgin. There is also the nature of the physical penetration, as this is also a traditional sign of loss of virginity. I can see if someone doesn't want to accept the physical state that they could develop a spiritual concept of virginity, but from a cultural and physical standpoint rape is loss of virginity. Now, from a gender standpoint there is a double standard. Men seem to only be able to lose their virginity by having penile-vaginal sex with a woman. Any other sexual contact including anal sex is either not a loss of virginity, or at best a tiny "chunk" of virginity lost without losing the whole thing. In either case a point needs to be made about accepting a past sexual partner, when the victim is either a man or a woman: you need to accept that a past sexual partner existed. You will have issues with the rape which need to be addressed with your future sexual partners in a clear and honest fashion. If the rapist didn't use a condom you may have a STD which also must be addressed in the context of future sexual partners.
  • No way. Your first sexual intercourse experience and loss of virginity is to be a special moment and one to be cherished.
  • Technically, biologically- yes it does. There's no way around that. But I think that as a society we invest too much value in a state of virginity: something which is, after all, a physical biological fact, and not a spiritual state. I would really like to see a shift in attitude regarding the excessive value we place on sexual "purity"- I think until we have that we won't be able to deal with the fact that so many rape victims feel shame and uncleanliness after an experience which is nothing to be ashamed of. If for religious or personal reasons someone wishes to save sex for marriage, or long term relationships or Mr/ Mrs Right, that's a great thing- but to associate loss of virginity with failure, lack of control, and dirtiness is really harmful. I think that saying a rape "doesn't count" as loss of virginity misses the point. What really matters is that such a loss is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Physically maybe so, but we need to remember that rape isn't sex. Rape is a power trip, a very twisted man trying to prove his dominance, kind of like a male dog's humping behavior. The rapist is getting off on making his victim do something she doesn't want to do. Sex, in its purest form, is willing. Medically it is true that there is a sexual history here, but spiritually I would say the victim is still a virgin.
  • Certainly not a sexual partner - there is not partnership in rape. And as for virginity - a raped girl is not a physical virgin, certainly. But what, if she is not pregnant or got an STD, is so important about physical virginity? Her first proper relationship will be her first emotional commitment, which is what I think counts.
  • Of course not! If a person was raped when they were a virgin and then they get a boyfriend/husband they would like to think of him as their 1st. Who wants to have rape count as their 1st sexual experience? Honestly if you have a girlfriend/wife who technically lost their virginity in a rape, and they want you to be the 1st man they have consensual sex with; you should treat her as a virgin. Don't hold whats not the woman's fault against her. That is ridiculous.
  • It means you didn't have a choice in losing your virginity. It's not your fault. People shouldn't look down on you for it or look at you like some nasty piece of work. Should it be counted as a past sexual "partner"? No. Loss of virginity? Yes, but against your will.
  • If a person has been raped, I can't see a reason why they would ever have to defend or explain why they are or aren't a virgin. If you've been raped, then those who are close enough to you to CARE if you're a virgin or not should understand your situation. But, in direct reference to the question, i dont believe that it should be counted. Just like age is more than a number, virginity can be and is more than just physical restraint.
  • Who is "counting"? Why even the need to "count"? Rape is forcible there was no choice involved and is up to her how she wants to think about it.

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