• I always thought of my mom as the nuturing one, and the one who knew all the neat tricks to make you feel better :)
  • Mothers usually show more compassion then fathers do. In the good old days fathers were usually short tempered as they were the sole providers. Calling dear old dad may have gotten you a more stern approach. Now days both work and this should give a mix results and in some cases it does. But old habits of behavior is hard to break. Dad was a mans man and his father was a mans man and so on and so on and I have to be a mans man as well.
  • It's the kiddies even know it's Mom's job.
  • not in my house, i always wanted my dad. but hey, im just a daddys girl! to be fair, its probably because when i was little my mum worked more than my dad because he had a badly broken leg so had to look after me. also, when my lil brother came along my mum was busy with him. even now though, if i have a problem, im more likely to phone my dad than my mum. sorry to buck the trend there! and theres the fact that my mum hates people being physically sick i.e. vomiting, it makes her retch and makes the situation worse!
  • In my house it's because they know I am the one who has the comfort care routine down. When dad answers the call they are apt to sit there staring blankly at one another with no idea how to proceed. Dad waiting for the kid to say what, exactly, he needs. The kid waiting for dad to "know" what to do.
  • I called them both,,,I think it's part of how you where raised,,and if both parents worked;)
  • Not mine. She always want's Daddy and will tell me off if I get out of bed when she calls.
  • Dad's scary
  • Mom is more nurturing. Duh. o.O
  • Because normally Mommy's the one loving the baby more than daddy. I take care of my daughter all day long. She see's daddy for like 30 mins when he gets off work. Even on his days off, it's mostly mommy. I know i'm not the only household like that! Mommy's voice is much gentler too. She just has the right touch!
  • i always called for mom because my dad was an ass, i knew better than to call him, he would have just yelled at me anyway.
  • When kids, dad's or anyone are ill you need the diddums routine you know, are you a poorly monkey, yessssss im sooo poorly....hug hug cuddle cuddle. You don't need some skeleton in an ape suit of a father saying to a 3 year old princess "get over it", "be a man" (to a girl). So, if you got yourself a lovely lady then you are guarantee'd to get cuddles and hugs and she will play along with your little cold for as long as you need to get bored with the idea :-)
  • In our experience, Mom always "knew" the right thing to do, and Dad was scared half to death, because he thought everything was a life threatening emergency. In some homes, there is no Dad. In some homes, Mom is too zonked out, and Dad is the only one available, so Dad would be called.
  • I notice that not all kids raised in a one parent home are like that.
  • My son is a mamas boy. So I expect him to go to her if she is home. But I would be the one likely caring for anything critical.
  • My Dad was more nurturing and calming than my Mom. I guess it just depends who kids feel more comfortable with when they're sick.
  • I have not observed enough households to know if I agree with your premise. I think there may be a general assumption that the mother is the more nuturing and caring in these situations - if that is so I could not say. Guessing there may be a lot of variable such as the child and the parents.
  • I know I can turn into a large walking pile of caring when my kids are hurt or feeling sick. Normally I'm a pretty stern mom but that always makes me go into caring nurse mode. I think that setting is more of a mom thing then a dad thing. (no offense dads) If our son goes to my husband with a scrape my husband is more likely to say something along the lines of 'man up!' and slap a bandaid on it. I'm more likely to have him sit still and go get the first aid kit and take care of it more thoroughly.
  • Cause kids are smart and know how much good that'll do
  • i called my mother aswell. even thow she had more hour to work the next day

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