• he only used you! to be mean, but all cubans are like that, they try to get married with a US citizen only to get their residense, you can file a report and maybe i think you can take the papers back, if also you can prove he just used you to get him papers, i think thats fuckt up of the latina but thats fuckt up what some cubans do, so find out with a lawyer..
  • You need to go to a lawyer and get the required information. Getting a divorce in Canada is a rather lengthy process unless they have changed the law there recently. You are also dealing with his immigration status. I am sure you are his sponsor as well requiring certain legal requirements on your part. You are responsible for him for 5 years. This could have presented some problems when my Canadian wife and I divorced except we were married for 7 years. Marrying someone from another country then divorcing can create many problems. Cubans use this to their advantage often as a way to escape from Cuba. I had this happen to a friend. It cost her over $35,000 before it was over. Let this be a warning to anyone marrying a foreigner bringing them to your country. Canada and the USA are most sought after for marriage.

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