• yes. i married at 18 and we are still happily married all these years later!
  • now that my dear, really depends on 2 basic things. love and willingness. you have to love the person and they have to love you back. and you have to be willing to give and receive in a marriage, and to learn... yes definantly to learn. any couple no matter their ages- can have those things and last a life time, but sadly many young couples start with those and somehow lose it in the proccess of growing older. but like me, i married at a young age, and i dont plan on ever giving up.
  • I think that early marriages last only in very rare cases, unfortunately! The young people are out there living life and making something out of themselves and aren't really ready to commit themselves to a family of their own.
  • I agree with Kellbear. I got married at 21, but my wife was 18. We knew each other since we were young, but we never really attracted to each other. We had the same friends all through high school, but never hung out or anything till after I was in the Marines for 3 years. Then we met up at a social gathering with some friends of ours, and got married 1 year later. All of our friends who got married around the same time/age all divorced, but not my wife and I. We stuck through the hard times, and are closer now then we ever have been. Thing is, marriage is a commitment. Now days it seems no one will work through their issues. It's so much easier to separate. People avoid conflict, and refuse to work hard for anything, but this is your life! Make the most of it, because you only have one.
  • No, I don't think it stands the same chance of survival. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, of course, but at 18 you usually still want to do a lot with your life. Individual at that age are often still in school, looking forward to a career, and sometimes still have a lot of partying/adventuring to do. At an older age, you are usually comfortable in your career and have had years to consider your priorities and what you truly want in a partner.
  • I do not, unless both parties don't grow..remain the same. That is not likely. As we grow older, we expand our horizons and are exposed to new things. Sometimes we find out that we have a real talent in some area that needs to be explored. Two young people are finished growing up..they will change..their goals will change..their self-perception will change..the possibilities they see for themselves will change. Their core beliefs won't likely change..but they could. :)
  • well....... a marriage at the age of 18 is perfectly Ok and can lead more strong and healthy than a marriage done at older age..... only if..... you are genuinely committed to each other, have the love that keeps the bond of marriage healthy and strong throughout the lives..... so smile `cause this is perfectly OK..... :)
  • Committment is key!!!!! My husband and I got married 2 weeks after he turned 18. We will be celebrating our 15th anniverysary in February. I am more in love with my husband now than I was then and I didn't think I could love him anymore then. Have things been perfect for 15 years, NO, but you have to be committed to staying together and working it out.
  • I think the odds are the same. Some people grow together while some grow apart
  • I do not. At 18, many people, especially men, are not mature enough to handle that kind of a commitment. Also, if you have lived so little life, how do you know who you really are. Having said that, some poeple are ready, but most are not.
  • how long have you been daiting....? if im still going out with my love when im 18 i would marry him.
  • No because I dont believe a person knows themself well enough at age 18.
  • sorry hon but no. one reason is marriage at a later age has less years to survive before death claims on of the partners
  • I believe that when you're 18, you have all these ideals about how life is going to be, you're optimistic, and it all seems fairy-talesque. You haven't necessarily had the life experience you should have in order to make such a life altering decision. In reality life isn't ever what you expect it to be when you're that young. It may turn out ok, it may not..More than likely you're in for a HUGE reality check. I was married at 17. I had NO BUSINESS even considering marriage, but no one could've told me that at the time..well, they could've but I wouldn't have listened...And here I am 8 years later wishing that I would've waited. On the other hand, my grandparents were married when my grandmother was 16. They've been together and happy for almost 50 years. I guess the same amount of work is needed from both people to make it work, no matter what age you are, but I don't think that most 18 year olds have the emotional maturity to stick through a lot of what married couples deal with. I have to admit that I wasn't prepared for it at all, and all of my ideals were eventually tossed out the window, and replaced with a harsh reality.
  • Statistically speaking the answer is no. But I know some people who have dated each other in Jr. High got married at 18, never dated anyone else and are happily married decades later. So the generalization doesn't always apply but the percentage of failure is higher than normal.
  • I married at 19 years old and divorced by the time i hit 21 years old so it wasn't to be,but for other that marry young I'm sure they will do better than me:)
  • I think odds are slimmer for young couples but not impossible.
  • As a general rule, I would suggest that the younger you are when you marry, the less chance there is of it working out. My rationale for this is that when you are younger, you probably haven't worked out exactly who you are, and you may not have realised what your core principles and beliefs are. In my opinion, your best chance of a long and happy marriage is to find somebody who shares your core principles and beliefs (and I'm not necessarily talking about religious beliefs here), but that presupposes that you know your own.
  • I believe a marriage at any age can survive if both people are committed and want to spend their whole life together. Only thing is you dont think straight when you are younger then when you are older since there is so much to learn but still it can work.
  • The problem with divorce is not age, it’s MATURITY. Maturity depends on age, genetics, & life experiences. Key point: Age is only ONE factor. Our society BREEDS people who quite often never mature. Marriages are often based on sex/money (an immature self-love). Everytime a person marries, their chances of divorce will increase. The stats: 1st marriage=50% | 2nd marriage=67% | 3rd marriage=74%. Age is certainly not helping these people. Maturity brings commitment, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, trust, etc. These are the attributes that let a marriage thrive, not age.
  • Definitely not
  • Although the stats say no, it really depends on the individuals. I've known 18 year-olds who got married & are still together 20 years later. I also those who got married in their mid-twenties & have been divorced 3 times since.

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